Aliasgar Eranpurwala, M.Sc. Mechatronics

The course of Master of Science in Mechatronics at the Fachhochschule Aachen has truly allowed me to delve into my interests of making smart mechanical contraptions. Involving the right proportions of Mechanical, Electrical and Computers, the course has allowed me to learn enough from the different sections of the industry which are increasingly inter twining with one another. The practically oriented program has allowed me to experience hands-on the various challenges of the industrial environment.

The course also provided a three month break after the even semester where I took the opportunity to do an internship at Ericsson GmbH. The internship involved the automation of data gathering system from a power consumption unit and its availability over Ethernet. This internship was also possible due to the contacts of Prof. Siepmann with the industry. Similar to my internship, several other professors had offered positions to my colleagues in various industries. This opportunity was not made available to my friends from other universities and I truly felt blessed.

After the completion of three semesters, I was helped by the Vice Dean, Prof. Kämper to secure my Master Thesis at Xaarjet AB in Stockholm, Sweden. There I got the opportunity to automate a print evaluation test bench and an ink supply system for their new generation printhead. During my time there I really understood the concepts of mechatronics and how important it is to know the different fields of engineering to successfully design anything.

After the completion of my thesis, I was recommended by Xaarjet AB to one of their customers, Hymmen Industrieanlagen GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany which makes complete automation lines for industries. Finally after dreaming about working in an industry related to automation for so many years, I am living my dreams. Each day I am using the knowledge acquired from my course of Mechatronics and building something to automate and hence reduce the repetitive work in the industry. FH Aachen really has plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored and therefore I strongly recommend the course to anyone wanting to enter the field of mechatronics or automation. All the very best.