Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Frank, Mechanical Engineering

© FH Aachen

Upon deciding to study mechanical engineering, I initially enrolled at RWTH Aachen University. However, I quickly realized that the highly theoretical approach of the University was not the right path for me to follow. Looking for a more practical approach to engineering, I enrolled at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences instead and continued my study of mechanical engineering with much more enthusiasm.

The lessons at the FH Aachen are easily accessible, well-structured and frequently accompanied by practical examples. The curriculum included many practical projects which helped to understand the theoretical part of the lectures. For example, there was a student research project in which a fellow student and I built a simple type of 3D printer. Professor Gebhard, our project supervisor, then gave us the opportunity to present the results of our project in a booth at the “Rapidtech” industrial fair in Erfurt.

The 3 month summer break and the optional semester abroad offered the opportunity to gather work experience and explore what type of career I want to pursue. During my semester abroad, I went to Wuxi, China, for half a year, where I worked as an intern for Diehl Synchro Tec Manufacturing. Afterwards, Professor Knepper supported me in completing my Diploma Thesis at Dürr Ecoclean. Both “excursions” into the working life helped me a lot during my job search.

At the FH Aachen, I received a good and solid education that still provides a reliable basis for my daily work at the Saint Gobain R&D Center in Herzogenrath.  I strongly recommend the course for mechanical engineering at FH Aachen. The professors are easily approachable and were always helpful and supportive.