German-Moroccan Study Programme

In 2011, a German-Moroccan cooperation regarding the academic and scientific collaboration between FH Aachen and the University Moulay Ismail (UMI) in Meknès was launched. The main part of the cooperation is offering the Bachelor's degree in Angewandte Chemie (Applied Chemistry), modelled on FH Aachen, as a double degree programme at UMI.

The concept convinced both universities, which is why, in 2015, they expanded their cooperation to include the Bachelor's degree programmes in Scientific Programming and Biomedizinische Technik (Biomedical Engineering) from the Faculty of Medical Technology and Technomathematics at Campus Jülich of FH Aachen, also as a double degree programme. The first Moroccan students in these fields began their studies at UMI in the winter semester 2016/17. In 2014, a cooperation with the Faculty of Energy Technology started as well. 29 Moroccan students started their studies at UMI in the winter semester 2015/16.

The objective of all degree programmes is to train highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of industry in both countries. For this reason, the partner universities work closely with the business community - stays in Germany are part of the teaching programme. Both degree programmes were accredited by the accreditation agency AQAS.

However, FH's plans for collaboration with the University Meknès are not limited to establishing international degree programmes. Joint scientific conferences are to take place on a regular basis, and, in the medium term, it is planned to establish a German-Moroccan institute in Meknès. This is intended to give the best graduates a perspective for further developing their skills.