CARNOT Toolbox

CARNOT is a toolbox extension for MATLAB SIMULINK. It is a tool for the calculation and simulation of the thermal components of HVAC systems with regards to conventional and regenerative elements. The CARNOT Toolbox is a library of typical components of these systems. It is organized in Blocksets like the SIMULINK Library itself. The handling of the blocks is exactly the same as in SIMULINK, so that users familiar with SIMULINK can directly use the new Blocksets in the same way.

Please download CARNOT (app. 150 MB) from the following link: 

Current version: Carnot 7.0, 2019 for Simulink R2018b under BSD 3-Clause License

Please take a look at the CARNOT Manual (images cannot be displayed in this web layout) to get an impression of the possibilities that CARNOT offers you.

For questions, tips and tricks please make use of the CARNOT user forum at the following Link:

We kindly ask all users to refer to Solar-Institut Juelich (SIJ) as copyright holder in all publications related to calculations performed with CARNOT, e.g. by listing it in the references:

[ref. no.] CARNOT Toolbox Ver. X. Y, Month/Year, for Matlab/Simulink RXXXX, © Solar-Institut Juelich

For example:

[ref. no.] CARNOT Toolbox Ver. 6.3, 10/2018 for Matlab/Simulink R2016b, © Solar-Institut Juelich

In spite of the fact that we cannot provide support for the software, we kindly ask all users to report bugs and suggest modifications to us in order to improve the toolbox in future versions.

You may become a member of the CARNOT user community by sending an email to:


The community holds annual meetings to discuss CARNOT applications, bugs, and its further development.