Modules offered

Most of my courses use assignment-based learning (ABL). ABL is an application of problem-based learning (PBL).

PBL is a teaching method that uses complex, real-world problems as a means to encourage students to learn concepts and principles, rather than learning-by-heart and presenting facts and concepts. In addition to course content, PBL can promote the development of critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and communication skills. It also provides opportunities to work in groups, find and evaluate research materials, and engage in lifelong learning. For good PBL, the issues should be motivating, require reasoned decisions, relate to previous courses / insights, and be complex.

ABL distinguishes in this context that the problems are not of a fictional nature (how could one fly to Mars without using fuel?) or viewed from the outside (how is VW preparing for the electric drive transformation?), but actual problems assigned by real companies. Thus, ABL addresses all the characteristics of a good PBL, but the motivation for the students is even higher because they can gain "real" industry experience.

As part of my courses, I work with companies from the region, but also beyond.


summer term

> International Business (BWL & GBE) | B.Sc. [in German]

> International Strategic Problem Solving (GBE) | B.Sc.

winter term

> Internationales Management | M.A. [in German]

> International Marketing & Management (GBE) | B.Sc.

> Internationales Business | B.Sc.

> Grundlagen der BWL [/ Buchführung] | B.Sc. [in German]


Please note that these are the modules that I usually offer. In exceptional cases, the module may not be offered in one semester. Current information can be found in Campus.