Mission Statement

With its degree programmes in the fields of trend-setting technologies as well as in innovation transfer, FH Aachen aims to be perceived and valued, both nationally and internationally, as one of the leading universities, especially when it comes to MINT sciences. FH Aachen is guided by the principles of autonomy, competition and cooperation. Autonomy means freedom, both in determining scientific content and in implementing objectives and shaping processes. The range of courses offered by the university is innovative, interdisciplinary and international. In order to meet the demands of social dialogue and an industry that is constantly renewing itself and branching out, FH Aachen sees itself as a steadily evolving organisation in a continuous reform process.

It addresses the three pillars of teaching, research as well as transfer and regards these as its primary tasks. It fulfils its central social role as an education and further training centre for highly qualified specialists, as a social network, a source of innovation and a laboratory for the future. Its intensive connection and commitment to the industry is based on the demand for excellently trained specialists and executive staff, study offers for employees, scientific services, up-to-date knowledge and innovations. A successful shaping of innovation processes can only be ensured by the sustainable and partnership-based transfer of inventions, by means of application and transfer research with users from industry and business. Against this backdrop, FH Aachen aims to be the point of contact, especially for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, in the field of application and transfer of technological innovations.

The qualification as well as the motivation of our university members are at the centre of all action. The objective is to attract people with high professional potential to study or work at our university and to promote their professional and social skills as well as their motivation. Up-to-date scientific methods, intensive supervision and the compact, practical orientation of our study offers enable our students to successfully complete their studies within a reasonable period of time and, as a result, gain a competitive edge in the job market. Professional competence, but also internationality and application orientation are the foundation of FH Aachen and lead to noticeable success as one of the larger universities of applied sciences (HAW) in Germany. The guarantee of academic freedom for our university members is something we consider a matter of course. At the same time, we are always up to date with the latest knowledge in research and technology.

FH Aachen attaches particular importance to:


  • Professional Qualification, Motivation and Creativity

Students, employees as well as teaching staff with outstanding professional qualifications and motivation are the success of our university. Constant efforts to maintain and promote the motivation and skills of all university members are of utmost importance to us. The university strives to create space for creative problem-solving processes in all areas, which supports the continuous further development of our facilities. To this end, we regard interdisciplinary and international cooperation as an important component, which can be strengthened by the availability of exchange programmes for university members.


  • Success

We strive, at all levels, to achieve results of high quality and a high degree of innovation. Accordingly, we offer our students outstanding opportunities for qualification and personal growth in teaching, research and development that meet the requirements of technological progress and the globalised economy. Practical relevance, scientific methods, empirical findings and practical experience characterise the range of courses we offer. In terms of content, we focus on current issues from science and society.


  • Responsibility

FH Aachen contributes to the positive development of the region in the field of application-oriented research, also in cooperation with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. One essential aspect, among many, is to tackle the shortage of skilled workers successfully and in line with demand. We systematically safeguard our own legally compliant actions, for instance by developing a compliance management system or by introducing a work, health and environmental management system. A young and creative start-up culture is particularly characteristic of the Aachen region. FH Aachen promotes knowledge transfer in the region by supporting young talents in the implementation of innovative ideas through consulation on, and support for, start-up projects.


  • Complexity

The increasing specialisation of the sciences is accompanied by an increasing complexity of problems, especially with regard to application. We respond to this development by encouraging researchers to further develop individual disciplines, to interconnect them and to work, in an interdisciplinary manner,  on subject-related questions at a scientific level, in international consortia and research projects as well.


  • Diversity and Integration

The respectful interaction with people of all nations and cultures as well as with people with disabilities and their unconditional integration is one of our central guiding principles. To date, women are underrepresented at FH Aachen in both teaching and studies, which is why the university places particular emphasis on the promotion of women. As a correspondingly certified university, it is our goal to remain a family-friendly university.
The creation of a diverse and gender-sensitive teaching, learning and working environment is another central project of our university development. The guarantee of equal opportunities for all university members, regardless of their origin or personal predisposition, is a central concern for us. We support prospective and current students with a range of consultation, support and course offers that are both diversity-oriented and suitable for the various study phases. The university's employees are given the opportunity of professional lifelong further development and education through suitable personnel development measures and individually oriented personnel management.


  • Internationality

We see ourselves as an internationally oriented university with strong roots in the border region of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Our cross-border collaboration is evidenced by cooperation projects with Belgium and the Netherlands as well as an FH Aachen coordination office in East Belgium that provides advice to prospective students and companies. The promotion of European and international projects is an important principle of the university.
Through our wide-ranging cooperations in teaching, development and research, we are integrated into the international knowledge community and create the conditions for the intensive exchange of  students and teaching staff, as well as for the promotion of language and intercultural competence. Open-mindedness, respect and tolerance are the principles of communication in our daily interactions, principles that we live and convey. Prospective students from European and non-European countries are very welcome at FH Aachen - special conditions and support possibilities are created for student exchanges.
The Freshman Institute offers applicants from abroad, who do not yet have a university entrance qualification due to their language and professional qualifications, an ideal start to their studies at FH Aachen by bridging the gap between the school education they've acquired in their home country and the requirements for starting their studies in Germany.


  • Community

We see ourselves as a community. Our interaction is characterised by mutual respect and the will to engage in fair discourse with the objective of achieving viable compromises.


  • Networks

We maintain relationships with other universities, research institutions outside of universities as well as with the industry and its associations, and cultivate contacts with our alumni. FH Aachen's active involvement in organisations and alliances, such as the Hochschulallianz für angewandte Wissenschaften (German Alliance for Applied Sciences), the  Landesrektorenkonferenz NRW (NRW Rectors' Conference), the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (German Rectors' Conference), the European University Association as well as the signing of the Magna Charta Universitatum ensure communication with other universities at an educational policy level. Vis-à-vis the public, we foster communication that provides comprehensive insights into the knowledge and technologies of FH Aachen and promote scientific and social discourse. FH Aachen also attaches great importance to its alumni management. It recognises the value of the long-term commitment of its graduates to their alma mater and a constantly growing network in the industry of the region.

Due to their elementary importance for the university, there are independent mission statements for the central areas of teaching, research and digitalisation at FH Aachen. These can be found under the following links:

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