FAQ on the Topic of Coronavirus

Below we answer the most important questions about Corona:

Topic: Studies and Teaching

Will the standard period of study be extended?

It has not yet been decided whether the standard period of study will, once again, be increased for subsequent semesters, such as the summer semester 2022.

The individualised standard period of study is increased for those students who were registered in a degree programme in the summer semester 2020, in the winter semester 2020/2021, in the summer semester 2021 or in the winter semester 2021/2022, by one semester each. This is stipulated in the Corona Epidemic University Ordinance (Corona-Epidemie-Hochschulverordnung, CHVO for short) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (as at 25.06.2021). In addition, the Rectorate has decided that this regulation also applies to students on leave of absence. However, the extension of the standard period of study does not mean that all deadlines in the Examination Regulations are postponed. This only means that you are registered in a degree programme for which the standard period of study has been extended by one, two or three semesters, respectively.

Are the libraries open?

The reading rooms and study places in all libraries of FH Aachen are open for FH members. Returning and borrowing items is possible as well. For protection against corona, we recommend wearing a medical mask or an FFP2 mask. Please check the library website for possibly limited opening hours.

What about my practical project?

By resolution of the respective examination board, the practical project can, upon request, be postponed, extended, carried out in the home office, replaced by an internal university project or by additional modules. Please contact the relevant examination office.

Is there mandatory mask wearing, the 3G rule, or minimum distance in courses and lectures?

Wearing a mask is strongly recommended until further notice. Everyone is requested to protect themselves and others. This applies to attendance in lectures and courses as well as in traffic areas (entrance areas, corridors, staircases, lifts and sanitary facilities) and when distances (1.5 m) are not kept. Wearing at least medical masks, preferably FFP2 masks, is highly recommended regardless of the immunisation status.

The 3G admission requirements for attendance courses and seminars will be cancelled for everyone. The random checks of the immunisation status will be suspended.

Observance of minimum distances is no longer required.

Will there be attendance teaching in the summer semester 2022?

In accordance with the current requirements of the state, the summer semester 2022 at FH Aachen will commence with attendance on-site as per the current Corona Protection Ordinance NRW. Wearing at least a medical mask, preferably an FFP2 mask, is highly recommended. Observance of minimum distances is no longer required.

What happens if I test positive?

In case of a positive PCR test or official rapid test, you must place yourself in domestic quarantine automatically, even without a separate official directive, for ten full days (from the onset of symptoms or the positive test). Inform your close personal contacts immediately. This includes, in particular, people with whom you have had contact in a room that was poorly ventilated or not ventilated at all for a prolonged period of time, as well as people with whom you had direct contact for at least 10 minutes, where the distance of 1.5 metres was not maintained and no medical mask was worn.

However, infected persons can shorten the ten-day quarantine to seven days autonomously if they have been free of symptoms for at least 48 hours beforehand. A negative official rapid test, or PCR test, is required for the shortening. The proof of test must be kept for at least one month for possible checks by the authorities.

In case of a positive rapid test, you must quarantine at home and undergo a PCR test. You must remain in quarantine until the result of the PCR test is available.

Positive tests of FH members must be reported by sending an email to coronavirus(at)fh-aachen.de.

What happens if I had contact with a person who tested positive?

Contact persons living in the same household as an infected person must automatically be quarantined, unless they are exempted from the quarantine obligation according to the exceptions below.As a rule, quarantine lasts ten days (from the onset of symptoms or the positive test of the infected person). Quarantine can be shortened by a negative official rapid test, or PCR test, to seven days if the person is symptom-free. The proof of test must be kept for at least one month.

There is no automatic quarantine for other contact persons, where contact has been made, for example, through a joint visit to a restaurant, joint sporting activity or some other kind of meeting. Here, quarantine only takes effect if the local health authority has expressly ordered it. In this case, the local health authorities should apply the same provisions on duration and shortening options as they do for contacts in the same household. Without an official quarantine directive, contact persons are expected to behave responsibly (for example by reducing contacts or wearing a mask or even self-isolation in the absence of sufficient immunisation).

Exceptions: As a rule, the following contact persons no longer have to be quarantined:

  • Persons with a booster vaccination (a total of three vaccinations).
  • Vaccinated recovered persons (fully vaccinated persons with a breakthrough infection or recovered persons with at least one vaccination)
  • Persons vaccinated twice (valid from the 15th day after the second vaccination until the 90th day after vaccination)
  • Recovered persons (applies from the 28th day until the 90th day from the date of taking the positive test).

All persons who show symptoms of disease or have a positive rapid test result must go into quarantine and undergo a PCR test.

Positive tests of FH members must be reported by sending an email to coronavirus(at)fh-aachen.de.

Topic: Examinations in General

Will examinations be held in attendance on-site?

The coming semester will be held in attendance on-site. Should there be any changes, distance examinations may be held by the faculties for the subsequent examination period.

Since attendance and online examinations take place in the same time period and the ordinance situation can change at short notice, it is necessary - from an examination organisational point of view - to announce the final examination form more quickly (at the latest two weeks before the examination) in order to allow for planning.

Do I have to wear a mask when taking an examination in attendance on-site?

A medical mask, or preferably an FFP2 mask, are highly recommended during all teaching, practice and examination activities held in attendance on-site.

Are inspections taking place?

Inspections of written examinations can take place in consultation with the respective examination administrative office.

Opening Hours and Availability

Are service facilities available?

All service facilities are available. In addition to limited office hours on site, you can reach the colleagues by phone and email. For possible opening hours as well as contact details, please refer to the respective websites of the various facilities.

Dining Halls and University Sport

Can I still eat in the dining hall (Mensa)?

Some of the dining halls of the Studierendenwerk have reopened with limited opening hours subject to certain corona rules. You can find more information on the website of the Studierendenwerk Aachen.

Is university sport taking place?

The University Sports Center (Hochschulsportzentrum) is offering various sports activities again. Further information is available on the website of the University Sports Center.

Other Information

Do I have to start my semester abroad?

Insofar as the integrated semester abroad cannot take place due to the effects of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 epidemic (e.g. no university place, no entry possibility, being part of a risk group), the semester abroad can be replaced by an international project of at least four months at the university or in a company at home or abroad.

What's the current situation in the City of Aachen?

You can follow the latest, updated news about the situation in the city on the City of Aachen's website.