FAQ on the Topic of Coronavirus

Will examinations be postponed or completely cancelled?

There will be no alternative date for the exams. The next examination dates will take place in June/July, depending on the faculty. If problems arise as a result of this, for example, due to a deadline regulation that cannot be observed, please contact your competent examination office.

Will inspections be possible?

Inspections have also been cancelled until further notice. These will only take place again after the start of courses with on-site attendance. You can obtain the necessary information from your faculty.

What happens if I do not have enough credit points as required by the BAFög Office?

If, due to the cancellation of the written exams, you cannot prove to the BAFöG office that you have sufficient credit points, the deadline will be postponed by one semester.

Can I submit my final thesis to the examination office?

The examination offices have limited their opening hours considerably, but can be contacted by email. We would therefore ask you, in such a case, to contact your respective examination office directly and ask them how to submit your final thesis.

What about my colloquium?

Colloquiums will be held with the agreement of all parties involved. Moreover, video colloquiums are also permitted.

When will lectures and courses start again?

The start of courses with on-site attendance has been postponed to 20 April 2020. At the beginning of April at the latest, the Ministry and the universities will reassess the situation and decide on any possible follow-up measures. Starting at the end of March, however, the faculties will offer online courses allowing students to access the materials from home.

Do I work on the teaching content independently in self-study? Or are some topics simply left out?

As of 30 March, the faculties will offer online courses. This means that students can access lectures or materials from home and work on the teaching content from home.

Will the semester now be extended? If so, for how long?

The semester will not be extended. The end of the semester will therefore not be postponed.

Will the university buildings remain open?

For the time being (probably until 19 April 2020), the following buildings will remain closed: Eupener Str. D,F,G,H,W,C,B; HSG Jülich, Mensa Jülich, Gerling-Pavillon. For the other buildings, reduced opening hours apply from Monday, 23. March 2020. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. The auditorium in Jülich is operated in emergency mode, for further information please visit the homepage of the library.

Can I return or borrow books in the library?

In exceptional cases, FH Aachen University members are allowed to contact our emergency service and ask for an appointment. The emergency services of the branch libraries may be contacted via e-mail (bibliothek(at)fh-aachen.de) oder by phone. 
If you make use of the emergency service for borrowing or returning books, please use the self-service machine in the library.




Are there any university sport activities taking place? Will I get compensation for cancelled courses?

For the time being, all university sport activities are cancelled until 10 April 2020. Possible further measures will be announced on the university sport website.

Can I still eat in the dining hall (Mensa)?

The dining halls of the Studierendenwerk will remain closed until further notice.

Will the examination phase in summer perhaps be postponed?

There are no plans to postpone the examinations in the summer semester. These should take place, as usual, in June/July.

Is there a possibility that the university will remain closed after 20 April?

Currently, the plan is to resume courses with on-site attendance as from 20 April. In cooperation with the Ministry, there will be a reassessment at the beginning of April as to whether the measures need to be extended or prolonged in order to contain the virus.

Why were no online written exams offered instead of cancelling the examinations?

The Centre for University Didactics & Quality Development in Studies and Teaching (ZHQ, Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik & Qualitätsentwicklung in Studium und Lehre) deals with e-learning as well as online written exams. Unfortunately, no appropriate solutions are available at this time. It is necessary to clarify not only technical and content-related questions, but also legal ones.

What will be done if the situation continues to get worse until 20 April?

University management and the crisis management team oF FH Aachen are monitoring the situation, constantly re-evaluating it. With regard to measures taken, they follow the recommendations of the state government. It is not yet foreseeable how exactly the situation will develop and what consequences will have to be drawn.

What's the current situation in the City of Aachen?

You can follow the latest, updated news about the situation in the city on the City of Aachen's website.