Corona Self-Tests

Rapid Tests for Employees and Students

The FH Aachen test centres, where self-tests can be carried out free of charge under supervision, are available to all members of FH Aachen. The FH test centres can be found at these locations:

Aachen - Campus Eupener Straße, car park Building B (can best be reached via Weißhausstraße) - click here for booking the test at Eupener Straße.

Aachen - Hohenstaufenallee, Building PSG, at the back of the building at the roll-up door - click here for booking the test at Hohenstaufenallee

Jülich - Gerling Pavillon - click here for booking in Jülich

All test centres are open Monday to Friday from 7.45 to 11.30 a.m. Please use the above links to book your test at the different test centres.

In the future, paper certificates will only be issued in exceptional cases.