IBB | Institute for Building Materials and Constructions

Civil engineers in the field of construction engineering design, calculate and size the diverse structures of building construction and civil engineering. A wide range of structures is covered - from residential and commercial buildings to schools and hospitals as well as complex engineering structures such as bridges, tunnels, or sluices.

In order to achieve a building contruction that is economically viable, technically faultless, ecologically sensible as well as aesthetically pleasing, civil engineers have a wealth of building materials and construction methods at their disposal nowadays. Nonetheless, the potential has not yet been fully exploited.

At the Institute of Building Materials and Constructions (Institut für Baustoffe und Baukonstruktionen, IBB), the competences of construction engineering in the Faculty of Civil Engineering are pooled in the research and development sector. New building materials and building constructions are to be developed through application-oriented research and numerous cooperations with partners from the industry, with these new developments being made available for construction purposes as quickly as possible.