IAP | Institute for Applied Polymer Chemistry

The Institute for Applied Polymer Chemistry (IAP, Institut für Angewandte Polymerchemie) at FH Aachen conducts teaching and research in the fields of polymer chemistry and plastics technology.
The Master's degree programme Angewandte Polymerwissenschaften, organised by the IAP, teaches students the entire range of polymer chemistry and plastics technology: from raw materials to the production, analysis, characterisation to equipment and processing. Further training courses for external students are offered in the colloquium "Chemie und Technologie makromolekularer Stoffe" (Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Substances) as well as in seminars, also in laboratory practice, for special working techniques.

As a neutral and independent institution with a wide range of equipment, rounded off by cooperations with other university institutes, we offer a vareiety of services from analyses and expert opinions to the processing of extensive research and development contracts. These are funded - particularly in the case of SMEs - by federal and state subsidies.

They include

  • Literature and patent searches
  • Development of technical solution approaches in the laboratory based on a milestone plan
  • Design/construction of demonstration plants at the Technikum
    • Linkage of individual process steps
    • Process optimisation
    • Elaboration of test procedures
    • Quality control
    • Areas of application for products
    • Profitability calculation
    • Profitability analysis
  • Conception of production facilities