Test Stands and Large Equipment

  • Test stand for the measurement of thermal solar collectors and parabolic trough collectors
  • Test stands for measuring exhaust after-treatment systems (particle filters, SCR mixers,
      catalytic converters) for diesel engines
  • Air-Sand heat exchanger test stand
  • High flux density test stand with air circuit for testing solar receivers
  • Seawater desalination
  • 3D printer
  • Exclusive access to the Jülich Solar Tower


  • Tachymeter (Leica)
  • Coordinate measuring machine (Nikon)
  • Laser scanner (Faro)
  • Luminance camera (TechnoTeam)
  • IR cameras, thermographic cameras (FLIR, Infratec)
  • High temperature anemometer (Dantec)
  • Comfort measuring mast
  • Various anemometers and Prandtl probes
  • Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Dust measurement
  • Cloud scanner
  • Absorption/emission spectrometer
  • Blower door

Simulation Tools and Software

  • ANSYS: FEM (Finite Element Model)
  • Modelica
  • Comsol: CFD programme for flow simulation
  • Matlab/Simulink: Programme for data analysis and modelling of dynamic systems
  • Model Library (air and steam cycle) in Matlab/Simulink for the Simulation of Solar Tower
    Power Plants
  • Visualisation GUI for the operating data of the SIJ
  • Meteonorm
  • CARNOT Toolbox (Matlab/Simulink): Dynamic simulation of solar thermal systems and buildings
  • SimREN: Energy supply scenarios (quasi-stationary simulation)
  • ProSim Plus: Visualisation and simulation of chemical processes and reactors
  • SolCal, WinDelsol: Design and simulation of heliostat fields
  • SAM: Profits and profitability calculation of solar power plants