Der Studiengang


The Internationally Oriented Studies programs at the FH Aachen, Jülich Campus, specialize in teaching students technical abilities and skills as well as soft skills. All modules emphasize that

  • professional expertise means more than theoretical knowledge: application of professional knowledge is crucial
  • priorities include technical and professional expertise based on mathematics, natural sciences and technical skills
  • soft skills, including social competence and the ability to work in a team, are equally necessary for the students’ future employment.

You get the tools to become an Engineer in the first four semesters: You learn all mathematical and physical as well as academical basics of Electrical Engineering. In the fourth semester you get the specific basics.

In the fifth semester you decide in which area of specialization you want to become an expert. You can decide between different areas of specialization: automation and control engineering, electrical drives and power electronics, power plant technology, energy distribution and grid management and high-voltage engineering

The first half of the sixth semester is devoted to a practical subject. The Bachelor thesis are the completation of your studies. Afterwards you start your working life or continue with a master course.

Program: Electrical Engineering (IOS)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

Access to further studies: corresponding Master Programmes 

Standard period of study: 6 semesters (180 Credits)

Admission: each Winter Semester 

Application: direct at Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Study location: Jülich

Language of courses:  The language of instruction in the IOS Bachelor's programs is German starting in the first semester.  Some tutorials may be taught in other languages, including, but not necessarily limited to, English.


Career Prospects

The development of new technologies together with the utilization of computer-supported program systems and new communication technologies has led to new and extremely exciting professional careers for graduates of the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering program. The emphasis on electrical energy technology offers electrical engineers a multitude of possible career choices whose significance will continue to grow. Electrical engineers are employed in industry, the economy, and the public sector, including

  • electronics industry
  • energy supply
  • energy consulting and services
  • machine and plant construction
  • chemical industry
  • automobile industry
  • medical technology, and
  • anywhere where technical processes of energy supply are
  • automated and optimized.

Fields of activity include

  • research and development
  • management and organization
  • long and short term project planning
  • construction and manufacturing
  • operation and maintenance
  • assembly and initial operation
  • quality assurance
  • sales and marketing
  • documentation and administration
  • education and training.


Katherine Stone M.Sc.
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Room 00A45
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