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Range of Studies

FH Aachen offers a wide variety of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Information on the content, structure, duration and terms of application can be found online on the Range of Studies website of FH Aachen.

Study Orientation - How to find your way around

What's next? What should I study? Are you asking yourself these questions? Then this is the place for you! Deciding on a profession isn't necessarily a decision for life nowadays. A well thought out decision makes your path definitely easier, though.

More on this here.

Academic Counselling

General Academic Counselling

General Academic Counselling advises and supports pupils, and everyone else who is interested in studying at FH Aachen, with regard to study choices and decisions. During the course of studies, it provides assistance on questions and difficulties regarding the progress of studies.

  • Study orientation, study choice and study preparation
  • Study contents, study structure and study requirements
  • Change of degree programme or university
  • Early discontinuation of studies
  • Study-relevant personal difficulties
  • Information on other counselling institutions and other universities     

As with all student counselling services at state universities, General Academic Counselling follows recognised standards in its counselling activities.

Accordingly, they are

  • individual
  • neutral
  • unbiased as to the result, and
  • confidential.

General Academic Counselling

Subject-Specific Academic Counselling

The faculties' academic counsellors can provide binding information on subject-related matters. The contact addresses of the respective subject-specific academic counselling can be found in the degree programme brochures for each individual degree programme.

Watch or Try Out

Lectures for Prospective Students

Nowadays, it is often difficult to decide whether, and what, to study. The closer you look at a degree programme beforehand, the more certain you can be that there aren't any misconceptions.

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Lectures Offered by General Academic Counselling

At FH Aachen, General Academic Counselling offers informative lectures for both prospective students and their parents:

  • "Studienwahlorientierung"
    • allgemeiner Vortrag zu den Themen Studieren und Studienorientierung (ohne Bezug zu einer konkreten Hochschule)
  • "Was kann ich an der FH Aachen studieren?"
    • Vortrag zum Studienangebot der FH Aachen
  • „Studieneinstieg leichtgemacht“
    • hilfreiche Tipps zu den Themen Bewerbung, erfolgreicher Studieneinstieg, Studieren, Hochschulleben und Anlaufstellen an der FH Aachen

Further information and dates can be found here.

Information Days and Faculty Events

Throughout the year, FH Aachen and the various faculties provide people with the opportunity to visit and have a look around, either on an Open Day or an Information Day.
An overview of the offers to visit and get information at FH Aachen can be found here.

Virtual Visit at FH Aachen

The faculties present themselves and their degree programmes in short films or offer virtual tours. Exploring FH Aachen digitally!

Labs for School Pupils

FH Aachen offers various school labs in the MINT (STEM) field - read more here.

Exploration of Fields of Study

You want to become an engineer and are interested in studying at FH Aachen?
FH Aachen's "Studienfelderkundungen der Ingenieurwissenschaften" (Exploration of Fields of Study in Engineering Sciences) provide upper secondary school pupils with the opportunity to get a taste of our diverse engineering degree programmes.

Read more here.

Girls' Day / Boys' Day

For more than 10 years, we have been offering exciting insights into our work in various laboratories and the library of our university on this special day. We open our doors and demonstrate in a very practical way how technology functions or how fascinating the work in the library can be.

More information on this can be found here.

MINT4Girls Camp

Milling, welding, sandblasting, puzzling, measuring, programming, calculating, handicrafts, screws and bolts... in short: hands-on technology to try out.

Each year in the first week of the autumn holidays, 20 girls in grades 9 and 10 from all over Germany have the chance to experience technology live at FH Aachen.

If you want to find out whether a technical profession would be something for your future, or if you simply want to learn more about technology and test out new processes in a practical way, and if you fancy an exciting week in the autumn holidays, this camp is just the place for you.

Read more here.

Trial Course of Study at Campus Jülich

During the first week of the autumn holidays, you get the opportunity to "get a taste" of lectures, exercises and practical experiments in the fields of science and engineering at Campus Jülich.

No matter if you want to attend just one lecture or all of them, you are free to choose what appeals to you:

Offers of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology
Offers of the Faculty of Medical Engineering and Technomathematics

Exploration of Occupational Fields

At FH Aachen, you can take part in an occupational field day (8th grade) to explore six different qualified occupations:

  • Office Management Assistant
  • Specialist Employee for Media and Information Services (library)
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician
  • Physics Laboratory Technician
  • Mathematical Technical Software Developer

Read more here.

Practical Training for Pupils

Wherever we provide vocational training, we offer work placements as well.
We have compiled our work placement offers on the website Schülerpraktikum.de.

Study Guide for Schoolgirls

The Study Guide for Schoolgirls - a small selection from the large range on offer

With short texts, the study guide describes a small selection of our degree programmes here at FH Aachen. Looking for creative solutions as a mechanical engineering student, with mathematics under your belt, or working on (highly) exciting tasks as an electrical engineer? With this in mind, the guide explores the possibilities here at FH Aachen, tailored to your interests, and shows you that it may not always be the

Download it here.

Tipps zur Studienvorbereitung

Mastering Mathematics

With the Online Mathematics Bridging Course (OMB+), you can prepare for studies with integrated mathematics courses. The OMB+ consists of explanatory texts with a lot of examples, interactive images, exercises, and tests which you can use to assess your own skills. This offer is free of charge and available all year round.

Go to OMB+

Tackle the first hurdle of your engineering studies even before you start your studies, and do it from the comfort of your own home!
The Online Mathematics course corresponds to a Higher Mathematics I course (Höhere Mathematik I), as is customary at a university in NRW, supplemented by a section on fundamentals. The course can be started at any time and attendance exams on-site are offered at regular intervals, which means that you can earn a "Higher Mathematics 1" credit even before your studies begin.


Free knowledge tests and tutorials in the field of mathematics are available 24/7 from the online portal for digital teaching and learning.

Go to ORCA.nrw

Brush up on Physics

It's been a while since you had physics and it's going to be part of your studies? Here you will find materials, experiments, tasks and reading material - sorted by year and federal state.

Go to LEIFIphysik

Preparatory Courses

Preparatory courses, often also referred to as bridging courses, are aimed at first-year students. As a newly registered student, you can brush up on your school knowledge in a subject-specific manner before the start of your studies. The aim is to facilitate the transition to the regular lectures of the degree programme.

As a prospective student, you define what your deficits are and choose the respective bridging/preparatory courses that are relevant to your studies. Attendance is voluntary for the courses that take place before the official start of studies.

The time frame for preparatory courses is usually two to three weeks, with daily work phases or exercises.

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Study Funding

In order to ensure that your course of study does not fail because of financing, it makes sense to come up with a finance scheme in advance. Get informed about the most important opportunities to tap into new sources of money. | Go to Study Funding

Eating and Drinking

The dining halls (Mensa) of the Studierendenwerk offer daily changing dishes at a low price. The dining halls and cafeterias are located in the city centre as well as in Burtscheid, on the Hörn, and in Jülich. | Go to Eating and Drinking


Aachen is situated at the most Western point of Germany, adjacent to the Netherlands and Belgium, it has the Cathedral, the Tivoli, the "Printe" (a local spiced gingerbread specialty), the CHIO (the world-famous international equestrian festival) and the Lousberg. Yet Aachen has a lot more to offer, especially for students or those who want to become students one day: Aachen is a typical student town with renowned universities, numerous cosy pubs, a distinct party scene and a very good infrastructure. When choosing a university, the city it’s situated in is an important criterion for selection. If the city is too small, the future student may not feel like he or she is living student life to the fullest, and if the city is too big, he or she may feel lost quite quickly. Aachen, with its 250,000 inhabitants, is just in the middle! Placid, but non-threatening!

Ever growing student numbers make it increasingly difficult to find a suitable student flat which is also affordable. For this reason, every future student should deal with the topic of finding an accommodation early on. | Go to Accommodation


A student should always be mobile! Even though it's not a big problem to get around Aachen by bus and bicycle, problems may arise if you travel home and home is not close by. This is where other mobile options become interesting. Information on the NRW-Ticket, car-sharing and carpooling can be found here.

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Vocational Training at the FH Aachen

FH Aachen not only offers a wide range of degree programmes, but exciting and versatile in-house apprenticeships as well. There are currently 62 apprenticeship places available in nine professions.

For more information, click here.