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How do I find out which subjects suit me?

Recognizing one's personal skills and talents often does not come naturally, and consequently they do not factor into the process of making a career choice. It therefore makes sense to start out by talking to parents, friends, or teachers. Other places to contact would be the local Job Centre and the "Job Information Centre" (BIZ) or the university's general academic counselling. If you already have a rough idea, you could complete some practical training in the area of your interest before starting your studies.

A lot of interesting information and links can be found on the website of the "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (Federal Employment Agency) as well as on numerous other websites:

Range of Courses

At this time, the FH Aachen offers 53 Bachelor's and 22 Master's degree programmes in altogether ten faculties. Information on structure, duration and terms of application can be found online on the Degree Programmes website of the FH Aachen.

A Good Academic Start in Engineering

Do you want to study engineering science, but are still undecided whether to study at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences or at the RWTH Aachen University?

Are you torn between Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechatronics?

Give the "zeroth semester" a try! [in German]

Teacher Training After an Engineering Course of Study

Are you interested in both the technical-scientific professional field of an engineer and a teacher's social area of activity? In that case, the profession of a teacher at vocational colleges (Berufskollegs) is just the thing for you!

In cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University, the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences makes it possible for students who have earned a Bachelor's Degree (Bauingenieurwesen, Elektrotechnik, Fahrzeug- und Antriebstechnik as well as Maschinenbau) to have it followed by a Master's degree programme for a teaching position at vocational colleges at the RWTH Aachen.

You can find information on the possibility of pursuing a course of study to become a teacher at a vocational college, with an engineering course of study at the FH Aachen, here: | Mit dem Ingenieurstudium zum Lehramt an Berufskollegs [in German]

Offers for Girls

  • FH4you Technology Camp
  • Girls' Day

FH4you Technology Camp

Every year, during the first week of autumn break, twenty 9th and 10th form girls from all over Germany have the opportunity to experience technology live at the FH Aachen. Milling, welding, sandblasting, programming, calculating, building things, tinkering… Simply put: hands-on technology.
If you want to find out if a technical profession suits you, if you want to meet new people and experience an exciting week during autumn break, you are the right person for this camp.

Statements of Camp 2011 participants (translated):

•    It was just great, the group was really nice and we did awesome things.
•    Informative, entertaining, sociable and funny. A great experience. Merci!
•    I will probably not do anything technical, but I'll be there next year anyway. We learned a lot, we were allowed to try everything ourselves and everyone was super nice! Recommended!

Contact and more information on the FH4you Technology Camp

Girls' Day

For more than 10 years, Girls' Day for 5th to 10th form girls has been taking place annually. At the FH Aachen, there are a lot of opportunities as well to gain insight into the world of technology. Search for "FH Aachen" on the "Girls' Day" website to find out which workshops and internships are offered this year.  | www.girls-day.de

General Academic Counselling

General Academic Counselling is the first place to go to regarding your choice of a degree programme. It is the contact point, information and advice centre for pupils as well as students of the FH Aachen. It provides information on the range of courses, course contents as well as information on the structure of a course of study. In addition, there's counselling on all questions and problems relating to your studies, e.g. ways of funding, exam problems, career prospects, course preparations, study conditions, study requirements or a change of either the degree programme or the university. | General Academic Counselling

Academic Counselling

The faculties' academic counsellors can provide mandatory information on study matters. Please find the contact addresses of the respective academic counsellors directly on the degree programme pages.

Special Offers for Pupils

The FH Aachen regularly organizes information events as well as lectures outside the regular academic life. Special university offers include, among other things, events and projects for prospective students and pupils. | Go to Offers

Preparatory Courses

Preparatory courses, often referred to as bridging courses, are aimed at first-year students. Before the beginning of a course, the freshly registered students can brush up on their school knowledge in a specialised manner. The objective is making it easier to catch up on the regular university lectures. Students define their own deficits and choose the appropriate, relevant bridging/preparatory courses. Participation in these courses, which take place before the official start of the course of study, is voluntary. The preparatory courses usually require two to three weeks' time, with daily phases of work, i.e. seminars.

Go to Preparatory Courses

Study Funding

In order to avoid failing your studies because of financing matters, it makes sense to come up with a finance scheme in advance. Get informed about the most important funding opportunities when it comes to finding new sources of money. | Go to Study Funding

Eating and Drinking

The dining halls (Mensa) of the "Studierendenwerk" (Student Welfare Services) offer daily varying dishes for small money. Dining halls and cafeterias are situated in the city centre as well in Burtscheid, on the Hörn and in Jülich. | Go to Eating and Drinking


Aachen is situated at the most Western point of Germany, adjacent to the Netherlands and Belgium, it has the Cathedral, the Tivoli, the "Printe" (a local spiced gingerbread specialty), the CHIO (the world-famous international equestrian festival) and the Lousberg. Yet Aachen has a lot more to offer, especially for students or those who want to become students one day: Aachen is a typical student town with renowned universities, numerous cosy pubs, a distinct party scene and a very good infrastructure. When choosing a university, the city it’s situated in is an important criterion for selection. If the city is too small, the future student may not feel like he or she is living student life to the fullest, and if the city is too big, he or she may feel lost quite quickly. Aachen, with its 250,000 inhabitants, is just in the middle! Placid, but non-threatening!

Ever growing student numbers make it increasingly difficult to find a suitable student flat which is also affordable. For this reason, every future student should deal with the topic of finding an accommodation early on. | Go to Accommodation


A student should always be mobile! Even though it's not a big problem to get around Aachen with bus and bicycle, problems may arise if you travel home and home is not close by. This is where other mobile possibilities become interesting. Information on the NRW-Ticket and carpool services can be found here | Go to Mobility