AVV Semester Ticket

With registration, students of the FH Aachen automatically receive the "semester ticket" (student mobility ticket). It is possible to use local public transport in the area of the AVV for free with it. ICE, IC and Thalys are excepted. When it comes to routes outside of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), it is advisable to investigate prices properly. Often, there are concessions for students. | Information on the semester ticket

Car Sharing

Students with a semester ticket pay only 15 Euros for cambio services. As an additional discount, the monthly basic charge of 3 Euros is counted against the travel costs when using the "StartTarif". There are more than 80 vehicles at 23 stations of the car sharing agency cambio which can also be reserved. cambio services can be made use of in 13 German and 21 Belgian cities. | Go to cambio

Getting a Lift

The Student's Union Executive Committee (AStA) at the respective universities arranges lifts without charging a commission fee. Requests and offers for lifts are also up on the boards of the information stands, particularly at the "Studierendenwerk" (Student Welfare Services). | Go to AStA