All About Your Studies


Your literature is our job! When it comes to searching for study-related literature, the university library of the FH Aachen is at your disposal at the locations Bayernallee, Boxgraben, Eupener Straße and Jülich. | Go to Library

Department of International Affairs

The Department of International Affairs is your contact for almost all international matters of the FH Aachen and informs you about study stays and internships as well as scholarship opportunities abroad. | Go to the Department of International Affairs

Psychosocial Counselling

Psychosocial Counselling supports students who are coping with personal and study-related problems as well as preparing for challenging study phases. | Go to Psychosocial Counselling

Career Service

Career Service is a service provider for education and the development of employability, and it prepares students and graduates for the transition from university to first employment. | Go to Career Service 

FH Scholarship Programme

The FH Aachen awards scholarships to exceptionally good students. With a monthly contribution of 300 Euros – paid half by business enterprises and half by the state of NRW – the scholarship recipients can complete their studies in a focused and successful manner. | Go to the FH Scholarship Programme

Internet and Mail

The Data Processing Centre is your contact when it comes to the Internet and Mail services of the FH Aachen, always aiming to solve your Internet problems as quickly as possible. | Go to Data Processing

Study Funding

In order to avoid failing your studies because of financing matters, it makes sense to come up with a finance scheme in advance. Get informed about the most important funding opportunities when it comes to finding new sources of money. | Go to Study Funding