Career Service

Introducing the Career Service

Nowadays, it can often no longer be assumed that you will find a suitable position in professional life immediately after graduation. It is an important task of the universities to counteract this and prevent it through counselling at an early stage during the studies. It is becoming all the more important, the more European the labour market is becoming. Companies often regard university degrees only as a basic qualification. Beyond employability, however, professional skills are required, such as foreign languages, experiences abroad, practical experience, team skills, networked thinking and a few more. It is the task of the Career Service to point out the necessity of these new requirements and to draw attention to the appropriate measures and events, or to offer its own.

Interface Between University and Industry

Career Service provides the link between universities and industry, and, thereby, also between students and graduates on the one hand and entrepreneurs on the other. To this end, it makes use of its long-standing contacts with SMEs in the region, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, technology centres and Fraunhofer companies, to name just a few.

Here you can access our job portal directly. Information on job fairs and job exchanges can be found here.

Contact Point for Employers

Career Service is a contact point for employers at home and abroad as well as a counselling centre for students and graduates. It is a service provider for the training and development of employability as well as an interface between students, in-house departments, external employment systems and graduates.

Early Orientation

Early career orientation as well as highlighting personal perspectives increase the efficiency of the course of study, shorten the duration of study and the transition phase between studies and first employment. The tasks and objectives of the Career Service therefore include information, counselling, qualification and placement.

The communication between in-house and external partners, the continuous identification of requirements,  the coordination of Career Service offers with the labour market, and the further qualification of the Career Service staff guarantee the quality of career services.


In-House Partners of Career Service

In-House Partners of Career Service


The faculties have their own websites, on which you will also find helpful information on career planning as well as concrete work placement and job offers. In each faculty, there is also a contact person for work placements at home and abroad.


A Career Service section is available at the library (Eupener Straße 70), which provides literature on the topics of career and application techniques. At the same time, interested parties can inform themselves online about the complete range of career planning services and also submit suggestions for the acquisition of new literature. Free-of-charge, up-to-date information material on the topic of careers is available in all branch libraries. |  Go to the Library

Department of International Affairs

Studies abroad and language courses abroad are also important steps on the career ladder. The Department of International Affairs advises you on questions regarding choice of university, types of stays abroad, funding institutions, and much more. | Go to the Department of International Affairs


The opinion of the students is important, therefore Career Service seeks contact with the AStA (Students' Union Executive Committee) and student representatives. Tips, helpful suggestions and ideas for improvement are therefore welcome and will be considered. | Go to AStA

Equal Opportunity Officer

The Equal Opportunity Officer provides interesting information on topics such as studying with children, women at university and at work, as well as helpful links. | Go to the Equal Opportunity Officer

Coordination Office for Dual Study Programmes

Dual study programmes combine university education at the highest level with solid vocational training. As a result, companies that provide appropriate training places gain employees who are familiar with the company and the respective tasks and, after four years of study, can be employed very quickly in the company as specialist and management personnel. | Go to Dual Study Programmes

General Academic Counselling

General Academic Counselling advises students, among other things, on questions relating to their choice of studies, degree programmes, considerations regarding a change of study and early termination of studies. It is the point of contact for all important decisions that can influence the study progress. | Go to General Academic Counselling

Coordination Office for the Scholarship Programme

The Coordination Office for the FH Scholarship Programme supports the promotion of contacts between companies and students.

Establishing contact with the best students from Aachen at an early stage and sponsoring excellent young talent can be an opportunity for the regional industry, especially in times of a shortage of skilled labour. With the FH Aachen scholarship programme, SMEs also have the opportunity to financially support, and get to know, the best students from Aachen.

In cooperation with the university, the alumni association is responsible for maintaining contacts with students and graduates. In addition to information on membership in the association, events are organised.

External Partners of Career Service

External Partners of Career Service

IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Aachen, cooperation partner of FH Aachen, has excellent contacts to the local industry and trade. It promotes Euroregional cooperation, maintains university contacts, organises trade fairs, offers advanced training courses and consultations on business start-ups | Continue to IHK

Job Centre

The study and career choice team of the Agentur für Arbeit (Job Centre), cooperation partner of FH Aachen, offers interesting career advice: career entry, application portfolio check, further training, orientation, business start-up, alternatives. Here you will find, among other things, the event database of the Job Centre | Continue to the Job Centre


The possibilities for cooperation between companies and Career Service are diverse. Companies can, for example, notify the Career Service of their offers with regard to work placements, final theses and jobs and upload these to the FH Aachen  Job Portal. Big companies, SMEs and institutions at home and abroad who would like to introduce themselves to students/graduates at university, or invite them to visit the company, should also contact the Career Service.

Furthermore, Career Service is also the contact for companies regarding other matters. For example, companies wishing to remodel their premises (foyers, corridors, inner courtyards) can make their free spaces and wall areas available as exhibition space to students of the Faculty of Design. This way, the premises will be diverse and interesting for customers and employees, and young creative people will have the opportunity to promote themselves.

Career Service and Innovation Transfer are also a competent contact for questions regarding company succession.

Course Providers

Course providers are experienced instructors who work independently or are employed in advisory institutions. They work in cooperation with the Job Centre or are known to the Career Service through cooperating partners, networks and universities.