Doubts About Studying?

Have you got any doubts about studying and are unsure whether you want to continue, change, or even discontinue your studies? Doubts during a course of study are completely normal and occur in different phases of study. If you doubt frequently, or for a longer period of time, you should deal with it in a direct manner. Surveys at FH Aachen show that uncertainties do not automatically mean the end of studies.

Continuing or changing, your studies, or career reorientation - various options are available to you. Challenges can be mastered and the previous studies can be continued successfully if support is provided from outside. If you are thinking about a change of subject, or university, or vocational training, there are numerous interesting possibilities to find the professional direction that really suits you.

You are uncertain and need support - we are here for you, in order to talk to you about your doubts about studying and their causes, and to develop possible solutions and perspectives together. 

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