You have questions regarding your business idea, you want to know how to assess market potentials or write a business plan? Then FH Aachen coaching is the right choice for you. We will address your individual needs, connect you with the right people and help you turn your idea into reality. Use different formats and consulting possibilities offered by our university, RWTH Aachen University, or the GründerRegion.

Student Founders Programme TRACE

Student Start-Up Programme TRACE

You are certain that you want to become an entrepreneur, but you still lack a brilliant idea or the necessary tools? Then apply to the Student Start-Up Programme TRACE. TRACE is a qualification programme for people at RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen that interested in starting a business. Its objective is to develop entrepreneurial skills and prepare them for a career as a founder or intrapreneur. [TRACE: Transforming Academic into Entrepreneurial Minds]

Your contact at FH Aachen:

Niklas Hunsdiek
Business Start-Up Coach| TRACE Programme

Email: hunsdiek(at)
Phone: +49 241 6009 51928 (Mondays and Tuesdays)

Please make an appointment via email!

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Lecture Series Entrepreneur Seminar

Lecture Series "Entrepreneur Seminar"

A Good Idea All by Itself Is Not Enough

Prof. Dr. Constanze Chwallek from the Faculty of Business Studies and Prof. Dr. Walter Reichert from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics offer FH students practical information on the topics of business start-ups and self-employment. The "Entrepreneur Seminar" (Unternehmerseminar) takes place in the summer semester. It is conceived as a lecture series in which students acquire knowledge directly from experts from business practice. The contents enable the participants to pursue an entrepreneurial career, either in their own company or as part of a succession plan. Students are made sensitive to the importance of entrepreneurial thinking and acting in existing companies as well and familiarised with the essential challenges of entrepreneurship.

During the event, different topics will be examined by speakers with the corresponding practical experience. These include aspects of corporate management in start-up companies, the importance of framework conditions (incubators, funding programmes, clusters, networks), financing opportunities and the appropriate interaction with financing partners, corporate communication and professional interaction with media partners, legal aspects of company takeovers as well as measures to protect intangible assets (know-how, patents, brands).

The event sensitises participants to the special challenges associated with setting up, taking over and continuing a business. The event also offers the opportunity to build up and expand your own networks. It also aims at intensifying the exchange of experience with other founders and entrepreneurs in the Aachen region.

This is a series of lectures by experts on the subject of business start-ups and entrepreneurship. In addition to legal topics such as compliance or labour law, financial experts will also lecture on the subject of funding and financing. Experienced entrepreneurs explain how to put a company on the right course for growth. Start-up entrepreneurs share their experiences. There will also be an exciting excursion to a company in Aachen.

The lecture series will also take place in 2019. Detailed information to follow.

Professor Chwallek is available as a contact person for interested parties.

Phone +49 241 6009 51938; Email: chwallek[at]

MBA Degree Programme Entrepreneurship

MBA Degree Programme Entrepreneurship

The extra-occupational degree programme MBA Entrepreneurship of the AcIAS e.V. is structured for three semesters. Prerequisites are a Bachelor's, a Diplom, or a Master's degree and professional experience. Target groups are university graduates with an entrepreneurial disposition who aspire to a leading position as divisional heads, CEOs, partners or transferees, founders who would like to acquire the necessary skills for the successful start of their own company, as well as SMEs with specialist/personnel problems in the management sector for the qualified further training of their executives and for securing company succession.

Further information can be found on the website of the degree programme.

External Start-Up Consultation

External Advice for Start-Ups

We make companies! This is the slogan used by the IHK Gründerberatung (Support Services for Founders from the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce). With five regional STARTERCENTER NRW, it is the central contact point for all founders from the StädteRegion Aachen and the surrounding districts Düren, Euskirchen, Heinsberg. It offers information and advice as well as practical help on the path to entrepreneurial independence.

Further information can be found on the IHK Aachen website under Existenzgründung (Setting up business).

English-language information:

Support for Founders in the EuRegio

Support for Founders in the EuRegio

Supporting Start-Up Participation in Trade Fairs

In 2019, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) once again supports start-ups participating in trade fairs.
The sponsored companies can take part in 62 international trade fairs in Germany at joint trade stands organised by the respective trade fair organisers.
The programme for young, innovative companies is aimed particularly at start-ups from industry, trade and technology-oriented service sectors. The objective is to support the marketing and, in particular, the export of new products and processes by companies from Germany.

Further information can be found in the Flyer [click to download] and online at


Euregio Tech Community

The Euregio Tech Community is a platform for and run by tech-professionals, -students and -companies in the Euregio, the region that connects Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. We bridge the gap between various local initiatives and aim to be a connector in the region to improve collaboration across borders and spawn new projects. In collaborating across borders we seek to leverage the region's full potential. We aspire to be a community that helps each other, that is proud to produce services made in the Euregio and is proud to provide knowledge to peers. Through this we want to foster local entrepreneurship in the region, avoid the brain-drain of high-potential leaving the region and become an integral part of the local economy: