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Student Start-Up Programme TRACE

Student Start-Up Programme TRACE

You are certain that you want to become an entrepreneur, but you still lack a brilliant idea or the necessary tools? Then apply to the Student Start-Up Programme TRACE. TRACE is a qualification programme for people at RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen that interested in starting a business. Its objective is to develop entrepreneurial skills and prepare them for a career as a founder or intrapreneur. [TRACE: Transforming Academic into Entrepreneurial Minds]

Your contact at FH Aachen:

Niklas Hunsdiek
Business Start-Up Coach| TRACE Programme

Email: hunsdiek(at)
Phone: +49 241 6009 51928 (Mondays and Tuesdays)

Please make an appointment via email!

FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften  |  Entrepreneurship
Building E, Room E267
FH Aachen
Eupenerstr. 70
52066 Aachen

AC.E - Initiative for Students Interested in Starting a Business

AC.E -Initiative for Students Interested in Starting a Business

AC.E is the abbreviation for "Aachen Entrepreneurship Team". It is a student initiative that organises projects and events around the topic of start-up and innovation. Members of the student initiative AC.E e.V. have exclusive access to WIN events and the Gründerzentrum in order to promote their own start-up. The "Aachen Entrepreneurship Team" consists of students of different specialist fields of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen, all of them united by the dream of their own start-up.

No good business idea at the Aachen universities is left unsaid!  At AC.E, students set up their own projects and build up interdisciplinary soft skills and friendships. Regular events (ACT with AC.E, Meet the Startups, Idea&Beer, Founder's Stammtisch, etc.) are organised and there is the possibility to participate in various seminars and workshops in which you learn to build your own business and improve your skills in a practical manner.

Further Information

Thomas Belkowski
1. Chairman of the Executive Board of 
AC.E - Aachener Entrepreneurship Team e. V.

digitalHUB Aachen

digitalHUB Aachen

In the DIGITAL CHURCH at Blücherplatz, digitalHUB Aachen offers infrastructure and an environment for a co-working space with up to 100 modern flexible workstations.
At this location, a central range of services is being created to handle enquiries from start-ups, universities, SMEs and industry about new start-up projects, innovation and business projects in the field of digital business models, solutions and products and to establish contacts with suitable, potential partners.
In addition, digitalHUB carries out various recurring innovation formats such as think tanks, hackathons, boot camps, pitch stages and much more. This way, founders, experts, scientists as well as employees from medium-sized companies and industry come together to jointly develop and discuss new business models, solutions and products relating to selected digital topics. Here, concrete digital business projects emerge, for example in the form of new start-ups, new products and business sectors for companies, or joint development and pilot projects as well as cooperations between start-ups, IT SMEs and traditional SMEs and industry as well as the Aachen universities.

Further Information:

digitalHUB Aachen e.V.
Iris Wilhelmi
Managing Director
Pascalstraße 6
52076 Aachen
Phone: 0241 99 033 922
Fax: 0241 99 033 924
Twitter: @digitalHUBac

GründerRegion Aachen - AC²

GründerRegion Aachen - AC²

We make companies - Start-Up Consulation in the Aachen Region

With five regional STARTER CENTERS NRW, we're the central contact point for all founders from the StädteRegion Aachen and the surrounding districts Düren, Euskirchen, Heinsberg. We offer information and consultations as well as practical help on the path to entrepreneurial independence - for tradespeople, skilled workers, service providers, freelancers, technology-oriented founders, business successors and founders after unemployment.

Contact: GründerRegion Aachen
               Theaterstr. 6 – 10
               52062 Aachen
               Phone: 0241 4460-350
               Fax: 0241 4460-351
               Email: info(at)

Current news for founders:

AC² - the start-up competition

GründerRegion Aachen Newsletter

GründerKontakte 2017

IHK Study: Technology-Oriented Business Start-Ups in the Aachen Region

Gründerzentrum (Start-Up Centre) RWTH Aachen

Gründerzentrum RWTH-Aachen

The Gründerzentrum (Start-Up Centre) at RWTH Aachen University was established in the year 2000 in order to provide support for students and scientists interested in starting up a business. As part of the Gründerregion (Start-up Region), the Gründerzentrum not only promotes the start-up culture at RWTH Aachen, but also supports students and scientists interested in starting up a business with a comprehensive range of advisory services. In close cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Aachen and the Saving Banks Aachen and Heinsberg, young entrepreneurs are offered comprehensive services from a single source, ranging from developing ideas and providing advice on start-ups to financing and post-start-up support.

Simon Fey M. Sc.
Co-Management Gründerzentrum & Start-Up Coach
RWTH Innovation GmbH
Campus-Boulevard 79
52074 Aachen
Tel.: +49 241 80 96610

Students at Aachen universities interested in starting their own business are welcome to contact the Gründerzentrum of RWTH Innovation GmbH.

Start-Up Platform of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

BMWi Start-Up Platform

Thinking about starting your own business, but still unsure? No need, because the new start-up platform makes it noticeably easier to start your own business. On the digital platform, you will find a start-up process divided into five steps. Each step forms its own module, which you can use individually and interactively. We will guide you systematically through the process - all the way from inspiration to financing enquiry.
Further information: