Coordinator Innovation Transfer for East Belgium

Research Knows No Borders

FH Aachen is a Euroregionally networked university that feels closely connected to East Belgium. A cooperation agreement with the German-speaking Community of Belgium reinforces the common desire to build a strong cross-border research and education network.

With headquarters at Robert-Schuman-Institut in Eupen, Nina Pielen, in close consultation with WFG East Belgium, initiates, supports and coordinates the cooperation between East Belgian companies and FH Aachen research establishments.


Cooperation with FH Aachen

  • You're looking for contacts to FH Aachen scientists?
  • You've got questions about research and development?
  • You'd like to award final theses or scholarships?
  • You're interested in further information on dual study programmes?
  • You'd like to participate in a network meeting?

Get in contact with us, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Up-to-date information on events and dates can be found here.


Nina Pielen
Coordination Innovation Transfer and Academic Counselling for East Belgium
T +49. 241. 6009 51343 (D)
T +32. 87. 591283 (B)
F +49. 241. 6009 51073
M +49. 151. 58439767

Innovation Transfer of FH Aachen

Bayernallee 11
D - 52066 Aachen

Robert-Schuman-Institut/FH Aachen

Vervierser Straße 89–93
B - 4700 Eupen


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