Doing a Doctorate at FH Aachen

Universities of applied sciences do not yet have an autonomous right to award doctoral degrees. At FH Aachen, however, you can do a doctorate after completing your Master's degree. You are supervised jointly by a professor from a university and at FH Aachen. This is called a cooperative doctorate (Kooperative Promotion). After the successful doctorate, the university will award you the doctoral degree. With the doctorate, the completion of the doctoral degree, you demonstrate your ability to work independently and in-depth scientifically.

In close cooperation with the universities, Master's graduates from HAW ("Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften", universities of applied sciences) and universities shall, in the future, be able to complete their doctoral projects in the "Promotionskolleg NRW" (PK NRW, Doctoral College NRW). The PK NRW will award the doctoral degree. This requires the granting of the right to award doctorates to the PK NRW by the state's Ministry of Science after an assessment by the German Council of Science and Humanities (probably in early 2020).

For all overall organisational matters (qualification, supervision, funding, support opportunities), you will find contact persons within the framework of the doctoral college (Promotionskolleg). The doctoral college is the interdisciplinary platform for all doctoral candidates, for those interested in doctoral studies, and for supervisors at FH Aachen, supported by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral College, which is formed by professors and the spokespersons of the doctoral candidates.

Paths to a Doctorate

Information for People Interested in a Doctorate

Doctoral College at FH Aachen

The doctoral college of FH Aachen bundles all activities related to the promotion of young scientific talents. Each doctoral candidate at FH Aachen is a member of the doctoral college.

Doctoral College for Applied Research in North Rhine-Westphalia (PK NRW)

In the future, Master's graduates will be able to complete their doctoral projects at the PK NRW, in close cooperation with the universities. This requires the granting of the right to award doctorates to the PK NRW (probably at the beginning of 2022).

Support for Doctoral Candidates

Information on Funding and Further Training Opportunities

Support for Supervising Professors

Information on Supervision, Funding, Relief

Guidelines and Links Relevant to Doctoral Studies

Internal and external guidelines and manual pertaining to doctoral studies and research






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