EarlyTech is a project funded by the EU via Interreg with the objective of advancing technology transfer and securing skilled workers in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. As a result, the potential of cross-border dialogue is to be used more efficiently.

The project is based on the observation that entrepreneurs and researchers often face similar technical challenges and can tackle these together in a constructive manner. By identifying supply and demand of certain technologies, the respective players are to be supported in their efforts to approach each other in a targeted manner.

A total of 11 partner institutions from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are involved in the project. These include universities, business development agencies and municipalities. Jointly, different events and concepts are developed, e.g:

o Network meetings / Matchmaking
o Participation of SMEs in career events, e.g. Job Slam on the Night of Companies
o Science to Business - Voucher: Financial contribution to knowledge transfer
o Digital innovation platform: Detailed depiction of the technologies being offered and in demand in the region (companies, research institutes, universities)

EarlyTech gehört zu einem Rahmenprogramm aus insgesamt drei Projekten, die sich mit ihren Zielen und Schwerpunkten ergänzen. Dieses Rahmenprogramm nennt sich HYPEREGIO.

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