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Are you looking for new insights through the application of scientific methods? FH Aachen offers you a wide range of cooperation, research and development opportunities! We support your activities and project ideas along with scientists from our 11 in-house institutes and 3 affiliated institutes.
If you have any questions, the heads of the institutes will be available to answer these directly.

In-house institutes of FH Aachen are facilities of faculties and central institutions which are active in the field of research and development, artistic design and/or in the field of teaching and study. They meet the requirements for scientific institutions pursuant to § 29 HG in the version of the HRG dated 30.11.2014 (GV.NRW p. 752). 

FH Aachen affiliated institutes are facilities outside the university which perform tasks that cannot be provided by the university on its own.

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Head of Department

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Mandelartz

T +49.241.6009 51085
M +49.160.7401373
F +49.241.6009 51073

FH Aachen
Campus Eupener Straße Building B
52066 Aachen

Room B219

Our In-House Institutes

IAP | Institute for Applied Polymer Chemistry

Development of new polymer materials and magnetic nano- and synthetic nanoparticles, hydrogels and superabsorbents, material development based on renewable raw materials as well as latex development

Institute Director Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Markus Biel
T +49. 241. 6009 53724

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IaAM | Institute for Applied Automation and Mechatronics

Service provider and research establishment for questions all around digitalisation in mechanical engineering. Competence centre for the intelligent production of tomorrow with a focus on: autonomous robotics (advanced automation), additive manufacturing processes, innovative jointing technology and holistic process management and engineering in production and logistics. We help with the transformation to Industry 4.0

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Wollert
T +49 241. 6009 52503

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IBB | Institute for Building Materials and Constructions

Application-oriented research and development in the fields of steel, composite, and lightweight construction, concrete construction, timber construction as well as building constructions and building technology; structural-physical studies and sustainable construction are part of this.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Laumann
T +49. 241. 6009 51217 

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IDA | Institute for Digitalisation Aachen

Application-oriented research and development for shaping the digital future as well as practice-oriented digitalisation consultancy for companies and the public authorities. From theoretical conceptualisation to practical realisation, the entire process of digital transformation is covered.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Wolf
T +49 241. 6009 52171

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IDT | Institute for Data-Driven Technologies

The Institute for Data-Based Technologies (IDT) offers research, consulting and further education services for commercial enterprises and public institutions around the entire process chain of data analysis, from acquisition to distribution, storage, processing, analysis and presentation. The services are provided in general, but especially in the specialist domains of energy, bioeconomy and medical technology, and also open up doctoral opportunities for those carrying out the work.

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IfB | Institute for Bioengineering

Research and development work in the fields of cell biophysics, biomechanics, modeling and numerical simulation, tissue engineering, cell culture technology, medical and molecular biology, cell and microbiology

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Staat
T +49. 241. 6009 53120

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IMP | Institute for Microwave and Plasma Technology

Conducting national and international research and development projects related to the following topics: microwave technology for power amplifiers and precision metrology, microwave plasma technology for ignition, lighting, cutting and welding applications as well as broadband ultrasonics and the reduction of radioactive waste.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Heuermann
T: +49. 241. 6009 52108

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INB | Institute of Nano- and Biotechnologies

Chemo- and biosensorics, DNA sensorics and nanostructures, optical micro- and nanosystem technology, semiconductor technology and nanoelectronics, cell culture technology, applied immunology, industrial microbiology, enzyme technology, biocatalysis

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Josef Schöning
T +49. 241. 6009 53144

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NOWUM-Energy Institute

Research and development of concepts, processes and technologies for the implementation of the energy turnaround in companies and municipalities. Main topics are climate protection, energy industry and energy management, environmental process engineering as well as biomass and biogas.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Isabel Kuperjans
T +49. 241. 6009 53954

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ECSM | European Center for Sustainable Mobility

Service-oriented, interdisciplinary research and consulting services for companies and the public authorities in order to work together on shaping the mobility of the future; specifically in the fields of vehicle development, information technology, energy and (electric) mobility concepts.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hebel
T +49. 241. 6009 51170

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MASCOR Institute for Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics

Development of solutions for intelligent mobile robot systems. Core competences are: mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, image processing as well as visualisation and automation technology from the fields of computer science and mechanical engineering

Institute Director Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrein
T +49. 241. 6009 51904

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SIJ | Solar-Institut Jülich

Development of application-oriented, technical solutions in the fields of regenerative and efficient energy use with the following main topics: solar thermal systems, energy storage, efficient building and systems technology as well as intelligent energy supply systems

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulf Herrmann
T +49. 241. 6009 53532

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Our Affiliated Institutes

3win | IfiM-Institute for Innovative Mechanical Engineering

3win | IfiM-Institut für innovativen Maschinenbau

Implementing and accompanying industry-oriented innovation and research projects in cooperation with selected faculties of FH Aachen from the initial stages of an idea to filing the patent application. Main topics: mechanical and plant engineering, installation of assemblies

Dagmar Wirtz
T +49. 241. 943 23 30

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I.F.I. | Institute for Industrial Aerodynamics GmbH

I.F.I. | Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH

Examinations, measurement methods and consulting services in all fields of industrial aerodynamics

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Konrath
T +49. 241. 879 7080

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IWF | Institute for Toolless Fabrication GmbH

IWF | Institut für werkzeuglose Fertigung GmbH

Customer-specific integration of 3D printing in various industrial environments, including construction adaptation/new development suitable for production, data preparation, materials studies, fabrication and finishing.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gebhardt
T.:+49. 241. 6009 52475

Dr. Julia Kessler
T.: +49. 241. 890 66 65

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ITP | Institute for Thermal Process Technology

ITP | Institut für Thermoprozesstechnik

Overall conceptualisation of energy-efficient heat treatment plants, energy recovery from material cooldown, use of CHP technology (e.g. combined heat and power stations and mini gas turbines), improvement of components (e.g. hot gas fans)

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Berrenberg
T.: +49. 241. 879 703-78

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i3ac | Interdisciplinary Imaging & Vision Institute Aachen

Interdisciplinary institute of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen professors that examines competences in imaging, image processing and visualisation in the Aachen region.

Contact at FH Aachen:

Prof. Dipl.-Inf. Ingrid Scholl
T.:+49. 241. 6009 52177

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