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Are you looking for new insights through the application of scientific methods? The FH Aachen offers you a broad range of opportunities with regard to cooperation, research and development! In cooperation with scientists from our 9 in-house institutes as well as 3 affiliated institutes, we will  offer advice and support for your activities and project ideas.

The directors of the institutes are at your disposal for any questions you might have.

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  • In-House Institutes of the FH Aachen:

In-house institutes of the FH Aachen are establishments of faculties and central institutions which are active in the field of research and development, artistic design and/or the field of teaching and studies. They fulfill the requirements for scientific institutions in accordance with § 29 HG in der Fassung des HRG vom 30.11.20114 (GV.NRW S. 752).

IBB | Institute for Building Materials and Constructions

Application-oriented research and development in the following fields of activity: steel, composite, and lightweight construction, concrete construction, timber construction as well as building constructions and building technology; structural-physical studies and sustainable construction are part of this.


Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Laumann | T +49. 241. 6009 51143

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IAP  |  Institute for Applied Polymer Chemistry

Development of new polymer materials, of magnetic nanoparticles and synthetic nanoparticles, of hydro gels and super-absorbers, the development of materials based on renewable resources and also the development of latex.

Institute Director Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Mang | T +49. 241. 6009 53886

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IfB | Institute for Bioengineering

Cell-biophysics, bio-mechanics, medical and molecular biology, cytology and microbiology.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Staat | T +49. 241. 6009 53120

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INB  |  Institute of Nano- and Biotechnologies

Development of silicon based chemo-sensors and bio-sensors, nanoelectronics, cell culture technology, and enzyme and plant biotechnology

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Josef Schöning | T +49. 241. 6009 53144

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NOWUM-Energy Institute

Highly efficient micro gas-turbines, optimisation of biogas production, systems for heat (cooling) power coupling, industrial energy technology, energy efficiency counselling, and the development of powerful electric engines. 

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Isabel Kuperjans | T +49. 241. 6009 53954

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SIJ  |  Solar-Institute Jülich

The development of user-oriented technical solutions in the areas of regenerative and efficient energy use, in direct cooperation with industry as well as with national and international partners in universities and research centers.

Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ulf Herrmann | T +49. 241. 6009 53532

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European Center for Sustainable Mobility (ECSM)

Service-oriented, interdisciplinary research and consulting offer for companies and public authorities, in order to shape the mobility of the future together: vehicle development, energy and mobility concepts...

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hebel | T +49. 241. 6009 5112

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MASKOR Institute for Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics 

Development of solutions for intelligent mobile robot systems. Core competencies are: Mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, image processing as well as visualisation and automation technology from the fields of informatics and mechanical engineering.

Institute Director Prof. Dipl.-Inf. Ingrid Scholl | T +49.241.6009 52177

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IMP Institute for Microwave and Plasma Technology (IMP)

Conducting national and international research and development projects associated with the topic areas: Microwave technology for power amplifiers and precision measurement technology. Microwave plasma technology for ignition, lighting, cutting and welding applications as well as the broadband ultrasonic technique and the reduction of radioactive waste.

Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Heuermann | T: +49.241.6009.52108

  •  Affiliated Institutes of the FH Aachen:

Affiliated institutes are institutions outside of the FH Aachen, fulfilling a task which the university cannot perform independently.


3win-IfiM-Institute for Innovative Engine Construction

Affiliated institute of the FH Aachen, core competencies in the areas machine and plant construction, component installation. 

Dagmar Wirtz| T +49. 241. 943 23 30

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I.F.I. | Institute for Industrial Aerodynamics GmbH

Affiliated institute of the FH Aachen, examinations, measurement methods, and support in all areas of industrial aerodynamics.

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Konrath | T +49. 241. 8797080

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IWF Institute for Toolless Fabrication GmbH

Customer-specific integration of 3D printing in various industrial environments, including design adaptation/new development suitable for production, data preparation, materials studies, fabrication and finishing.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gebhardt | T.:+49.241.6009.52475

Dr. Julia Kessler | T.: 0049 241 890 66 65

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Interdisciplinary Institute of the RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen professors who explore imaging, image processing and visualisation competencies in and around Aachen.

FH Aachen Contact:
Prof. Dipl.-Inf. Ingrid Scholl | T.:+49.241.6009.52177

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