Main Research Focus Energy

Climate change, the end of the supply from fossil resources and the phasing out of nuclear power are strengthening the importance of alternative energy sources and an industry that operates sustainably. In order to develop concrete and feasible solutions for industry and governmental institutions that minimise CO2 emissions and reduce energy costs, the faculties of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology at FH Aachen are working on the future topics of solar or wind energy, biogas and bioresource management, sustainable energy systems and sustainable construction in three institutes and a competence platform. Furthermore, FH Aachen is involved in the development of the Brainergy Park Jülich business park, where the focus is on the topics of "new energies" and "energy transition".


The Institute for Building Materials and Structures (IBB) conducts application-oriented research and development in the fields of steel, composite and lightweight construction, concrete construction, timber construction as well as structural design and building technology. Here, a main focus of research is sustainable, energetic construction.

The NOWUM-Energy Institute conducts research and development of concepts, processes and technologies in the focus areas of sustainable energy systems as well as bioenergy and bioresource management. Furthermore, NOWUM provides support to companies, cities and municipalities in making their energy production and supply more environmentally friendly as well as in increasing their energy efficiency.

At the Solar-Institute Jülich (SIJ), application-oriented, technical solutions in the areas of regenerative and efficient energy use are developed, with a focus on solar thermal systems, energy storage, efficient building and systems technology as well as intelligent energy supply systems.


Participating Institutes

Institute for Building Materials and Constructions (IBB)
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NOWUM-Energy Institute
Phone +49. 241. 6009 53954

Solar-Institute Jülich (SIJ)
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