Main Research Area Mobility

Mobility is a main research area at FH Aachen. It is the subject of interdisciplinary research by a total of six faculties: Civil Engineering (urban and traffic planning), Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (automated driving and digitalisation), Aerospace Engineering (automotive engineering, vehicle body construction and drive technology), Mechanical Engineering (drives and automotive engineering) as well as Energy Technology (energy efficiency and renewable energies) and Design (mobility design).

The research fields are integrated mobility planning, digitalisation, smart and sustainable mobility as well as vehicles and infrastructure of road, rail and air traffic and transport. In particular, the future topics of electromobility, autonomous driving, mobility management, shared mobility, urban air mobility as well as sustainable commercial vehicle traffic are focused on.

The most visible university institutions in the field of mobility are the in-house institute European Center for Sustainable Mobility (ECSM) as well as the competence platform "Synergetic Automotive & Aerospace Engineering".

The ECSM brings researchers from different faculties together and bundles their activities and projects in the thematic cluster of sustainable mobility. In addition to the further development of transport systems, automotive engineering and infrastructures, the ECSM researches issues resulting from this in the areas of health and climate protection, resource depletion and urbanisation.

The "Synergetic Automotive & Aerospace Engineering" competence platform brings together researchers from four faculties ( Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Design as well as Electrical Engineering and Information Technology). The main focus is on automotive and aerospace engineering. FH Aachen's involvement in the Merzbrück research airfield is the latest activity, where, among other things, hybrid flying is to be researched and tested in cooperation with further partners from science and industry.


Participating Institutions

ECSM - European Center for Sustainable Mobility
Institute Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hebel
Institute Management: Torsten Merkens M.Eng.
Phone +49. 241. 6009 51170

Competence Platform "Synergetic Automotive & Aerospace Engineering"
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Phone +49. 241. 6009 52363