Funding Advice at FH Aachen


Are you looking for funding for your project idea? We will assist you in choosing the right funding instrument, and support you when it comes to the strategic positioning of your project.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Sound funding advice incl. advantages and disadvantages of the funding lines, own resources advice
  • Individual funding research (upon request)
  • Funding newsletters on the topics of energy, mobility, life sciences, and digitalisation
  • Contact to regional companies, chambers, associations, etc.
  • Support in forming the project consortium
  • Internal matchmaking with other disciplines and faculties
  • Central information events on the funding lines (with external consultants as well)
  • Impulse lectures on funding advice in your research group
  • Advice for newly appointed professors
  • Focus list on research interests/project ideas
  • Proofreading applications

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding research funding, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Head of Section ⎮ European Research Funding ⎮ Cross-Border Cooperation

Dr. Britta Eilmann

Room B220
T: +49.241.6009 51020
M: +49.172.6136029
F: +49.241.6009 51073
eilmann(at) |

National Research Funding | Information Events | Business Cooperations | Focus List

Dr. phil. Anna Valentine Ullrich

Room B221
T: +49.241.6009 54001
F: +49.241.6009 51073
a.ullrich(at) |

currently on parental leave | National Research Funding ⎮ Project Cooperation KmEU ⎮ Advice for Newly Appointed Professors ⎮ Newsletter

Dr. rer. nat. Julia Pfaff

Room B221
T: +49.241.6009 51026
F: +49.241.6009 51073
j.pfaff(at) |

currently on parental leave | National Research Funding ⎮ Business Cooperations ⎮ Information Events ⎮ Networking with the Netherlands and Belgium

Hanna Kroll

Room B221
T: +49.241.6009 51348
F: +49.241.6009 51073
h.kroll(at) |

Funding Options

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