General Information

About the DVZ

As a central service provider, the Data Processing Centre (DVZ) provides the various FH Aachen user groups with the necessary infrastructure needed for the use of the new media (internet). Faculties, central administration, library and external facilities, such as the Studentenwerk Aachen (Student Services), are supplied with net access and the relevant services. The offer ranges from e-mail, web services and data exchange to various eLearning programmes. The portfolio is constanly developed further - independently and with due regard to technological progress.

If you've got a problem with any of these services, please turn to the contact persons in the Faculties, or contact us directly.

Provision and Infrastructure

The DVZ provides user spaces with different variants of net access. Besides the classic, wired LAN, there is area-wide WLAN (eduroam) in FH buildings.


Goethestr. 3
52064 Aachen
Room 01502
T +49.241.600952915

Outside the university campus, members of the FH Aachen can access the FH network via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

Operating and maintaining the entire FH network infrastructure is the DVZ's responsibility. It plans and coordinates the expansion, and takes all necessary actions - the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW (BLB) (building and real estate management) is involved when it comes to structural measures.

Net security is another main task of the DVZ. All measures guaranteeing the highest possible security of the network and the users are controlled by the DVZ.


The DVZ operates and offers a wide range of central services. Thus, a well-diversified university IT stands on solid ground.

For server consolidation, the DVZ operates a VMWare cluster. With this, it provides the faculties with a central infrastructure for server and desktop virtualisation. The DVZ initiates the participation in state software licences and supports the process of acquiring campus licences. In like manner, it handles the distribution of said software.

Central to all faculties, the DVZ provides various services on the topic of eLearning and trains teaching staff and students in dealing with these. Provided are, among other things, the learning management portal ILIAS, lecture notes, online consulting hours and web based workplaces.

Cooperation and Coordination

While the DVZ provides you with the necessary infrastructure and information, the individual user groups are responsible for the installtion and administration of the terminal devices, e.g. personal computers and work stations. These tasks are handled by the IT-team in charge, supported by the DVZ.

Moreover, the DVZ initiates joint projects dealing with finding solutions for general IT problems, to the end that these are uniformly implemented in the user groups.

It counsels and supports the planning, standardising and coordinating of IT matters. Coordination of the IT people in charge takes place via a project team run by the DVZ (EDV-AG).

There is a cooperation agreement between the RWTH and FH Data Processing Centres, aiming at increasing the effectiveness of both facilities with help of joint projects. The subject matter of the projects are agreed upon by the technical people in charge. The autonomy of both networks remains unaffected by these projects. Vis-à-vis the German National Research and Education Network (DFN, Deutschen Forschungsnetz), the FH Aachen is represented by the DVZ. In consultation with university administration, it determines the scale of the capacities to be acquired, and creates the technical prerequisites needed to participate in the research network. With regard to all tasks, the DVZ reserves the right to enter into cooperations with external institutions and companies.


The DVZ strives to operate the FH Aachen network autonomously and independently. To this end, qualified and motivated permanent staff is provided. Regular training courses, seminars, workshops and information events ensure a continuing process of further training.

With help of their own apprenticeship places, the DVZ provides a new generation of qualified personnel.