The Data Processing Centre and the users of the services have to adhere to various regulations within the FH Aachen network. On this page, you will find the respective terms and regulations which you should observe when utilising a service.

Terms of Use: BSCW Server

Terms of Use: BSCW Server

For teaching and training purposes, the company OrbiTeam has provided the FH Aachen with a licence for the BSCW service for 6,000 users.

In order to allow as many students as possible to use this service, inactive users are deleted from the system after 12 months (all data is lost). They are informed by e-mail beforehand.

This service is not a backup service. The users themselves are responsible for data security.

If there are any questions, suggestions or proposals for improvement, please contact services(at)

Terms of Use: DFN News Server

Terms of Use: DFN News Server

Please find the terms of use of the DFN news server under this link (in German).

Terms of Use: Jabber Server

Terms of Use: Jabber Server

General Information

Even if it should really be a given, here are a few rules for the use of the Jabber server. Generally speaking, stick to the simple guideline of kindly refraining from doing anything that interferes with the operation of the server, that upsets or insults other users, or breaks the law in one way or another. Offences can and will be punished by exclusion from the server. 

Network Rules (Regulations)

Furthermore, the FH Aachen's Network Rules (german text) are valid.


Holders of a valid FH Aachen user account reserve the exclusive right to the server. The same applies to the use of additional services installed on the server. German law is applicable. All forms of libel, discrimination, illegal file sharing, harassment of other users and commercial advertising are prohibited. All activities which could lead to limitations of the server operation, are prohibited. This specifically applies to bots. If you aren't certain whether the operation of the server is disrupted by it, do not run a bot. Generally, we reserve the right to exclude users who infringe these terms of use without prior warning from the server and delete their account.

Terms of Use of Other Jabber Servers

In case there are other Jabber servers' contacts on the contact list, communication wíth these contacts is, of course, subject to those servers' terms of use.

Responsible Way of Dealing with a Password

Everyone is responsible for their own account. In order to prevent the misuse of your account, you should handle your password accordingly: 

  • Never give your password to third parties.

  • Never leave your password openly available for anyone to read it.


We strive to make the offered services available at all times. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. In particluar, maintenance work for the server is necessary from time to time. If at all possible, we try to announce maintenances and schedule them during times of low traffic, which, unfortunately, is not always possible.

Data Protection

Generally, only data necessary for the operation of the server are stored. In detail, the following data are stored:

  • Name, Jabber-ID, e-mail address and content of the VCard, date and time.

  • Time when the user account was set up, when it was last used, or how long the user has been online, resp.

  • Online status and status messages.

  • The contact list is stored in its entirety on the server.

  • In MultiUser chatrooms (MUC), depending on the moderator's settings, a certain number or all of the messages are stored.

  • Due to the concept, offline messages have to be stored on the server.

  • Some clients store further data (e.g. bookmarks) on the server.

By means of his or her client, the user controls which data are on the server. 

  • Should the aforementioned data be in the database during a backup process, they will be stored permanently. Confidential messages should therefore be encrypted with OpenPGP or OTR.

No data will be passed on to third parties, provided that we are not legally obliged to hand the data over. Data which can be seen are exempt from this: 

  • VCard information and avatar icon.

  • Chat messages in public chat rooms.

  • User Search ist available for all registered users.

  • Online status and status message.

Modification of Terms of Use

Should the terms of use be modified, a Jabber message is sent to all users. Additionally, an e-mail is sent to the users' FH Aachen e-mail address. At the earliest, the new terms of use will be effective 14 days after modification. If you use your account after the expiration of the deadline, you thereby agree to the new terms of use.