Network Connection

Employees and students have free access to the WLAN-network eduroam. Upon request, guests are granted access as well. Via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and an encrypted connection, all users with a user account can furthermore access services and data files, which are usually only accessible within the range of the FH Aachen network, at home.

WLAN (Wi-Fi)

In the entire FH Aachen area, you have free access to the WLAN-network eduroam which you can connect to with your login data. eduroam is utilised at numerous research and academic facilities in Europe and the Asian-Pacific region (APAN). If you get within range of an eduroam network, you can use WLAN-roaming via your login data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN enables you to transfer sensitive data in a public network with help of secured authentications in order to prevent third parties from accessing the data. Utilise this technology at home to access services which you can normally only use within the range of the FH Aachen network.