Virtual Private Network


VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". With VPN, you can set up a secure subnetwork within an open, unprotected network, where communication is sealed off against third party access. This is achieved by so-called "tunneling" of the data traffic via a VPN server where all connections have to be authenticated during connection buildup. At the same time, the data is encrypted.

In order to establish a connection, use the AnyConnect software.

In order to be able to log on to AnyConnect, you need the software and your login data. You will find the client software under Instructions for the various operating systems.

Services that require VPN access

Certain FH services can only be used within the FH Aachen. In order to utilise these services from a private connection to the Internet, you need VPN access.

  • Integration of the FH Aachen Directory 
  • The database and e-journals of the Library
  • Use of the vmware server


The Files for Mac OS, Ubuntu-Linux and Windows will be available after Login


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