WLAN (Wi-Fi)

Automatic WLAN Configuration

For most operating systems, WLAN (WiFi) configuration can be done automatically. For this, just open https://cat.eduroam.de/ and follow the assistant's instructions. Please note that, for eduroam, the username is "FH-Kennung@fh-aachen.de" and not just the the FH-Kennung (FH Identifier).

Should there be any problems regarding the WLAN configuration, or should it not support your system, please use the instructions for your device which you will find in the menu on the right-hand side.

Attention: Manual configuration of eduroam under iOS and OSX is not possible at the moment, please use the installer under https://cat.eduroam.de/.

In 2003, eduroam was initiated by TF-Mobility TERENA in order to show that it is possible to implement WLAN roaming with already established WLAN (802.1X) and RADIUS structures.

Certificates under Android

Attention: Under Android, it is absolutely necessary to activate the certificate check as outlined in our Instructions. Do NOT use the standard settings. You should not use any other Enterprise WLAN profile, either, without a certificate check, please see:


As of now, we offer you an IT-Helpdesk several times a week. It is designed to offer tailored support in case you experience problems while using the FH-WLAN network.

The Helpdesk is no substitute for reading and utilising the instructions provided by us!

Please take note that we offer support for German and English operating systems only.

In order to be able to help you swiftly, please find out the version number of your chipset and which version of the manufacturer's software you use beforehand, if at all possible. In most cases, the latest version is recommended.

In order to have consultation hours run as smoothly as possible, making an appointment with us beforehand would be helpful.

Contact: wlan(at)fh-aachen.de

Education Roaming "eduroam" at the FH Aachen

The first test was conducted among five institutions in the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Croatia and the United Kingdom. After the successful test, several other educational institutions and research centres joined the project.

eduroam allows members of the FH Aachen and other eduroam-participants to use WLAN-roaming in Europe and in the Asian-Pacific region (APAN).

The FH Aachen WLAN network is, therefore, accessible to guests from other universities and institutions who participate in the eduroam project. In turn, FH Aachen members can, with their FH login data, use WLAN networks at eduroam-locations of other institutions in Europe and Asia. If client configuration works accordingly, your login information will be redirected via a tunneled connection to the login server of the FH Aachen for authentication, as soon as you log on to the WLAN of another institution. You will also receive an IP address of the local institution.


Enqueries and notices of malfunction can be submitted via our ticket system:

Guest WLAN


You've configured eduroam as described in the instructions, but there are problems?

General Settings

  • SSID:
  • Authentication:
  • Encryption:
  • Authentication Type:
  • Authentication Protocol:
    MS-CHAP v2
  • Authentication Server:
  • Username:
    "FH Login@fh-aachen.de"
  • Roaming Identity:

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Raum 01501
T +49.241.600952921

Map of Germany of eduroam participants.
Members of the FH Aachen can use eduroam according to the installation instructions.

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eduroam Statistics

FH-User im eduroam-Netz

Devices im eduroam-Netz der FH

[Translate to Englisch:] Gast-WLAN

Guest WLAN

Guest WLAN can be set up for external persons who have no university ID. It is NOT intended for students who cannot manage to configure eduroam (the regular WLAN).

You will get your login data from the respective Faculty Administrator (Fachbereichsadministrator). Instructions for the set up of Guest WLAN on your PC are available unter Instructions.