The FH Aachen provides all members of the FH Aachen with a Jabber server. As a result of this, university members are provided with a simple and quick means of communication. Text messages or data files can be sent with help of the messenger protocol. Moreover, the Jabber server provides the option of holding a videoconference with another person.

In order to communicate with other participants, you need a messenger programme (client). We recommend the Spark client, since it supports video conferences as well.

Beyond that, there is a wide range of further multi protocol clients which support the Jabber protocol as well as other instant messaging protocols, such as ICQ or MSN.

A registration is not necessary. You can logon with your FH login data.


"The Jabber University Network, JUNe for short, is a loose alliance of universities, initiated by the RWTH Aachen. All members operate their own server. The primary objective of the network is to show how widespread Jabber already is, and to motivate students of other universities to operate a server of their own. At this time, 17 universities and universities of applied sciences are participating in our network."

(Source: j-u-n-e.org/wiki/JUNe/Portal)

Connection Data

Username: FH Login
Password: E-Mail-Password
Server: jabber.fh-aachen.de
XMPP Port: 5222


Goethestr. 3
52064 Aachen
Room 01502
T +49.241.600952915