Study and Teaching

The FH Aachen aspires to an improvement of teaching by means of the long term, university-wide utilisation of up-to-date information and communication technology as well as by creating the appropriate infrastructural framework conditions. In order to achieve this, the eLearning team of the Data Processing Centre provides various online services. The offer ranges from the learning platform ILIAS to the web-based workplace BSCW, to the virtual meeting places in Adobe Acrobat Connect.

Library Online

Besides a regular library, the FH Aachen provides its students with a digital library which is available online as well. Moreover, you can make "book recommendations" and, thereby, suggest books which are not yet available, but should, in your opinion, be added to the library's body of literature.

BSCW Workplace

The FH Aachen offers all its students and employees a web-based workplace. This service provides its users with the opportunity to manage their data files online at any time and in any place. Additionally, there's the possibility to share directories with selected participants, which makes an easy exchange of data files possible.

Campus Office

campusOffice is a web-based study planner for all students of the FH Aachen. With campusOffice you have a tool at your disposal which makes efficient planning and management of your course of study possible. You can, for example, create your timetables there and register for seminars, lectures, etc., with compulsory registration. Time changes will be directly forwarded to your FH Aachen e-mail address.

eLectures - Podcasts

The Data Processing Centre and the eLearning team offer the teaching staff the opportunity to record their lectures and make them available online. Besides lectures, you can find tutorials as well. Each faculty has been provided with the equipment to record lectures.

Meanwhile, recordings of more than 1,000 lectures are at your disposal.

FH Karte

Your "FH Card", in the convenient EC card format, serves as student ID, as a library card, as well as a refectory, cafeteria and library pay card.


ILIAS is an Open Source Learning Management System (LMS). This service is used as teaching support at the FH Aachen. In online courses, study materials (among others things) are provided or practical training is supervised. There's also the opportunity to create and conduct online surveys. If you need a survey, e.g. for a project or your final paper, just contact the eLearning team. They're happy to help you.


The FH Aachen offers all students a directory that is available online.


QIS in an online service of your Examination Office. It provides you with the opportunity to register for examinations and view exam results, provided that your faculty supports this service. Furthermore, you can have an academic transcript, or a revised academic transcript, resp., issued.

In order to use the QIS service, you need your FH Login Details (Login-ID).


The German National Research and Education Network (DFN) offers a free scheduling tool for the coordination of appointments and dates. With help of the scheduler, you can specify one or several dates and invite members. You can then send these persons a link which will guide them to the planner.