BSCW Workplace


The FH Aachen offers all its members a web-based workplace.

With help of the BSCW server, you can upload data files and manage them online. Moreover, you can share a directory with other members which makes an easy exchange of documents possible.

Additionally, the BSCW server supports the WebDAV protocol. This allows for the direct direct embedding of a work space under Windows, Linux and MacOS. 

For this service, a written introduction as well as two video tutorials are at your disposal.

If there are any questions, ideas or suggested improvements, please contact: eLearning(at)

This service is solely intended for teaching and training purposes. Kindly note the following terms of use.


Video Tutorials


For teaching and training purposes, the company OrbiTeam provides the FH Aachen with a licence for the BSCW service for 6,000 users. In order to allow as many students as possible to use this service, inactive users are deleted from the system after 12 months (all data is lost). They are informed by e-mail beforehand.

This service is not a backup service. The users themselves are responsible for data security.

If there are any questions, suggestions or proposals for improvement, please contact: