User Account

The FH Aachen provides all members with an individual user account which grants you access to DVZ and eLearning services. On the following pages, you will find information on the different kinds of authentication, activation and ways to customise the settings of your account.

FH Identifier

When entering university, all FH Aachen members will get a unique FH Identifier (FH-Kennung) which is needed when logging on to all FH Aachen online services. For various services, a service-specific suffix may have to be appended to the FH Identifier.

Changing the Password

The Services Pages allow you to change the password for all services described on this page. 

FH Card

Your FH Card, in the convenient EC card format, serves as student ID, as a library card, as a refectory and cafeteria pay card as well as a checking device when participating in university sports. Further options for use are in the works, e.g. pay card in the libraries.