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Outgoings: FH Students Who Are Planning a Stay Abroad, or Are Already Abroad

Outgoings: FH Students Who Are Planning a Stay Abroad, or Are Already Abroad

As a matter of urgency, we must continue to point out to you that the decision to embark on a stay abroad, under the current conditions, will be at your own risk.

In particular, it may perhaps be difficult to leave the host country again.

Please note the quarantine ordinances of the respective host country and the associated (additional) financial costs.

Due to the current situation resulting from the Corona pandemic, you are hereby advised to do the following:

  • Pay attention to the advice of the Foreign Office regarding the host country.
  • Do not ignore the possibility of further Covid-19 infection surges.
  • Make sure that bookings (flights, accommodation, etc.) can be cancelled.
  • Do not rely on another repatriation programme by the Federal Government (nevertheless, keep yourself informed if and when return flights are possible).
  • Have a plan B ready (depending on the degree programme, this may vary in difficulty) - such as postponing to a later date.
  • Sign up for the crisis precaution list before the start of the semester abroad. (!form.action)
  • Before leaving Germany, make a note of the emergency number that can be found on the website of the respective German diplomatic mission abroad, and check the website of the respective embassy for further contact options.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions of the local authorities abroad.

Additionally, we would like to draw your attention to the comprehensive information available at the

Foreign Office

and the

Robert Koch Institute:

and the


and ask you to carefully read the entire text of the travel warnings that are currently still in effect, especially with regard to financial risks and your health insurance coverage.

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The Department of International Affairs is the central contact for all questions about international issues and projects in studies and teaching. We assist international students at the FH Aachen as well as advise students who are interested in studying or internships abroad. (Fact Sheet FH Aachen)

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