Funding and Scholarships


Most of the information about funding and scholarships is available only in German, as it is intended for current students at the FH Aachen who want to work or study outside of Germany. Click the "deutsch" button at the top of this page for more information.

Funding Options for International Students at the FH Aachen

Scholarships for International Students at the FH Aachen

Unfortunately, the FH Aachen does not have any resources to offer scholarships to international students to help them finance their studies.


  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)
  • Foundations (Stiftungen)
  • Students from developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America can apply for a one year scholarship from World University Service (WUS) which, according to circumstances, can also be extended.

Scholarships for Particularly Engaged Students

The Department of International Affairs has small DAAD-funded scholarships for international students who are socially engaged.


           -  You have been socially engaged in supporting internationalization at the FH Aachen.
           -  You have performed above average in your studies.


           -  in Aachen:  Linda Weller
           -  in Jülich:    Britta Ritzal

Scholarships for Students in Final Phase of their Studies

The Department of International Affairs awards small scholarships, provided by the DAAD, to international students, if financial resources are available.


           -  You have performed above average in your studies.
           -  You are close to finishing your studies.


          -  in Aachen: Sabine Brinker         
          -  in Jülich:    Britta Ritzal

Loans and Subsidies for International Students at the FH Aachen

Loans and Subsidies

The following organizations sometimes offer small grants under certain specific conditions:

  • Evangelische Studierendengemeinde (ESG) in Aachen
  • Katholische Hochschulgemeinde in Aachen (KHG)
  • Catholic Students' Community in Jülich (KSG)
  • Social Funds of the AStA
  • Studentenwerk