Students from Partner Universities

Incomings: Information about the COVID-19 Corona Virus for Exchange Students coming to the FH Aachen

Depending on the development of the global outbreak of COVID-19, measures such as postponing the beginning of the winter semester or putting incoming students on home quarantine, etc., might be necessary.

Students are advised to follow the regulations set by the German government and the Federal Foreign Office: and by the Robert Koch Institute, who is continuously monitoring the situation and estimating the risk for the population in Germany:

The FH Aachen  (Erasmuscode D  AACHEN02) cooperates with more than 150 universities worldwide. If you are a registered student at one of these universities, you can complete a part of your studies as an exchange student at the FH Aachen. In such a case, you should first contact the International Office of your home university and get registered for the exchange programme. The coordinators at your university will then contact us. Your contact person for Aachen is Ms. Sabrina Beeker, for Jülich it is Mrs. Britta Ritzal.

The FH Aachen offers the following services for students from partner universities:

  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • German language courses
  • Assistance with registration at the FH Aachen, residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and other formalities
  • Excursions and social activities

Exchange students for business studies students should contact the International Faculty Office (IFO) of our Department of Business Studies.


If you are currently studying at a partner university of the FH Aachen and would like to spend a part of your course of study at the FH Aachen, please contact the International Office at your university to ask for the application process. After you have been selected for an exchange period abroad by the International Office at your home university, you have to be nominated officially by your home university via email.

The Nomination Email has to be send to Ms. Sabrina Beeker (Aachen) or Ms. Britta Ritzal (Campus Jülich)

As soon as we have received the official nomination, we will send you the link to our online application system. 



The monthly rent for student rooms in Jülich is 225 to 300 EUR, in Aachen 250 to 350 EUR. At least 75 EUR a month have to be added for utilities (heating, power, etc.).

Furniture and Furnishings

Rooms in student halls of residence are mostly furnished. If necessary, please ask the Studierendenwerk if you are not certain about the furniture. Flats which are brokered by Home Company are almost always furnished as well.

Private flats are normally not furnished. This means, that these flats are virtually empty, even without kitchen furniture and lamps.

Flat Share (Wohngemeinschaft)

In a flat share, several students share a flat. There are men only, women only and mixed flat shares. Please look at advertisements and notices in local newspapers and at the notice boards at the university.


If you wish to search for a flat on your own, find assistance in the section Living in Aachen and Jülich.


The Department of International Affairs offers intensive German language courses about two weeks before the semester begins in both September and March. German language courses are also offered during the semester in Aachen und Jülich.

These courses are free for our exchange students.

Leisure Programme

During the semester, the Department of International Affairs (Akademisches Auslandsamt: AAA) of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences offers regular leisure activities for exchange and international students at the FH Aachen: the traditional Welcome BBQ, an International Dinner, day trips, a visit to the Aachen Christmas Market, a Christmas party, etc.

AEGEE, the European Students'  Forum, offers many social activities for international students in Aachen as well. Have a look at their website:, 

INCAS, another student organisation which is dedicated to supporting international students, organises numerous excursions and events all year round. You can find more information here: Flyer: who we are

Experiment e.V. offers a homestay program for foreign students.



Every last Sunday of the month, 11 am: International Breakfast for 3 €, INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41,

Every Tuesday: International Tuesday, INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41, Come to the Humboldt-Haus, as we have a varied evening in store for you, starting at 8 pm! All sorts of delightful games guarantee lots of fun with people from around the world creating a multicultural atmosphere! Get to know people from all over the world, amidst music and snacks!

Every second Tuesday of each month, 8 pm: "Café Lingua", INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41, Café Lingua

Every Monday, 9 pm: AEGEE meeting for members and international students, Café & Bar Zuhause, Sandkaulstr. 109, AEGEE Aachen:

Salsa in Aachen:

Tango in Aachen:




20.2.20-25.02.2020 Carnival throughout Aachen