Leisure Activities for Exchange and International Students

During the semester, the Department of International Affairs (Akademisches Auslandsamt: AAA) of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences offers regular leisure activities for exchange and international students at the FH Aachen: the traditional Welcome BBQ, an International Dinner, day trips, a visit to the Aachen Christmas Market, a Christmas party, etc.

AEGEE, the European Students'  Forum, offers many social activities for international students in Aachen as well. Have a look at their website: www.aegee-aachen.org, www.facebook.com/INCASAachen 

INCAS, another student organisation which is dedicated to supporting international students, organises numerous excursions and events all year round. You can find more information here: www.incas.rwth-aachen.de

Experiment e.V. offers a homestay program for foreign students.



Regular events:

Every last Sunday of the month, 11 am: International Breakfast for 3 €, INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41, www.incas.rwth-aachen.de

Every Tuesday: International Tuesday, INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41, www.incas.rwth-aachen.de. Come to the Humboldt-Haus, as we have a varied evening in store for you, starting at 8 pm! All sorts of delightful games guarantee lots of fun with people from around the world creating a multicultural atmosphere! Get to know people from all over the world, amidst music and snacks!

Every second Tuesday of each month, 8 pm: "Café Lingua", INCAS - INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41, Café Lingua

Every Monday, 9 pm: AEGEE meeting for members and international students, Café & Bar Zuhause, Sandkaulstr. 109, AEGEE Aachen: www.aegee-aachen.org www.facebook.com/AachenErasmus

Salsa in Aachen: www.salsaaixchange.de

Tango in Aachen: www.tango-aachen.de




3.3.2018 INCASWochenende “Palaces of Brühl”


You’re invited to join us on our INCASWochenende “Palaces of Brühl” on Saturday, 3 March.

The outstanding palaces of Brühl, Augustusburg and Falkenlust, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1984, as they are some of the most significant baroque and rococo buildings in Germany and stand witness for a glorious past with their splendor interiors and beautiful gardens. Augustusburg Palace was the first prominent creation of Rococo in Germany. During a guided tour, we will admire beautiful architecture of the building, go up the grand staircase and see the richly decorated parade rooms and spectacular halls.

After the guided tour in Augustusburg Palace we will stroll through the baroque palace gardens to Falkenlust Palace – a small but luxuriously fitted palace settled in the forest. We will visit this palace with an audio guide and see outstanding original cabinets, such as the hall of mirrors with beautiful wood carvings and beautiful parlors and learn more about the art of hunting in the 18th century.

More information can be found on our homepage: www.incas.rwth-aachen.de  

Short Information

When? Saturday, 3rd March, 9am to 5pm

What? Trip to Palaces of Brühl, by train

Costs? 5 €

What to bring? SEMESTERTICKET, student ID, snacks and drinks, weatherproofed clothes


REGISTRATION: Tuesday, 27th February, 7:45 p.m., INCAS office, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstr. 41 - until the maximum number of participants is reached


8.2.2018-12.2.2018 Carnival all over the city


24.2.2108 INCASWochenende “Neanderthal & Düsseldorf”


You’re invited to join us on our INCASWochenende “Neanderthal & Düsseldorf” on Saturday, 24 February.

The Neandertal is most famously known for the archaeological site where the Neanderthal skeleton was found some 150 years ago and has since then been the place of many more exciting discoveries relating to the life of the Neanderthals. Not far from this place, one of the most modern museums in Europe, the Neanderthal Museum, was build. It tells the story of humankind from the beginnings in the African savannah more than 4 million years ago, to the present day. We will visit the museum with an audio guide and travel trough the 4 million years of human history. 

In the afternoon we will also visit the nearby city of Düsseldorf and explore the most famous sights. Before we head back to Aachen you will have the chance to discover the city on your own, go shopping and try a typical Altbier of Düsseldorf.

More information can be found on our homepage: www.incas.rwth-aachen.de 

Your INCAS-Team

Short Information

Saturday, 24 February – 9am to 8pm – Participation fee: 6€ – Semesterticket needed – Registration: Tuesday 20 February, 7:30pm in the INCAS office, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstr. 41 (until all seats are taken)




13.1.2018 INCASWochenende “Zeche Zollverein/ Essen”


You’re invited to join us on our INCASWochenende “Zeche Zollverein/ Essen” on Saturday, 13th of January.

In the morning we will take the train to the Zeche Zollverein in Essen - once the biggest stone coal mine in the world and nowadays a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During a guided tour we will experience the history of mining and the architecture of this time, the tough working conditions of the coal miners and the changes of Shaft XII through the ages, when 12.000t of coal were produced daily. We will be guided through the site and learn everything about the way of the coal from extraction to consignment.

After a lunch break we will have a guided tour of the RuhrMuseum to learn more about the natural and culture history of the Ruhr area and its changes during industrialization. After the tour you will have free time to explore the area, for example walk around the extensive site of Zeche Zollverein. Alternatively you can take the tram back to the inner city of Essen, visit the sights such as the Cathedral or the Old Synagogue, go to one of the many museums or go shopping…

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Your INCAS-Team

Short Information

Saturday 13 January, 8.30am to 9pm – Participation fee: 10€ – Semesterticket needed – Registration: Tuesday 09 October, 7:45pm in the INCAS office, Humboldt-Haus, Pontstr. 41