Support for Ukrainian and Russian Students

The FH Aachen condemns the invasion of the Russian troops and shows solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The war also has diverse consequences for academic life. The joint declaration of the state and universities in North Rhine-Westphalia is available here.

Please feel free to send any questions directly to the International Office of the FH Aachen. We are happy to help you and will forward your questions to the appropriate office. Please use the following mail address for your first contact:


Information for Ukrainian and Russian students currently enrolled at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Re-registration, Leave of Absence, Exmatriculation

Information about re-registration, leave of absence or exmatriculation is available at the Registrar's Office.

If you are currently in your home country or need to return to your home country, we recommend that you contact the International Office about possible options, including the status of your residence permit. Please send an e-mail to aaa(at)fh-aachen(dot)de.

Questions about Exams

If you have questions about exams, please contact your examination office or the head of your department examination committee.

Financial Support

AStA of the FH Aachen | Students enrolled at the FH Aachen who have financial difficulties can apply for a refund of their semester ticket for public transportation. Students who are abroad can also apply for a refund. More information is available on the website of the AStA of the FH Aachen.

Social Scholarship | For students in financial need, scholarships for 3 months up to a maximum of € 860 are available. The actual amount is based upon your cost of living. Together with the application for refund of the semester ticket you can also apply for a social scholarship, for which additional documents are required. Complete information is available on the AStA website. If you have any questions, please contact the AStA office (asta(at)fh-aachen(dot)org or 0241 6009 52807).

Social Fund of the FH Aachen | It is possible to apply for an interest-free loan. For more information, contact the AStA office (asta(at)fh-aachen(dot)org or 0241 6009 52807).

Studierendenwerk Aachen | It is possible to suspend or defer your rent, or to terminate the lease without notice. If your lease expires soon, you can extend it as long as the war requires. Individual arrangements can be made for specific problems. At the moment, we are checking if accommodations in the student dormitories can be offered to refugees. If Ukrainian students have family members in need of housing, please contact us, as we are looking for solutions.
For questions or more information, please contact the Housing Office.

Ukrainian students may participate in the "Free Table Program," which provides free meals in the Studierendenwerk dining halls. Contact AStA of the FH Aachen for more information.

DAAD | The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is looking into possible support programs for Ukrainian students, Ph.D. students and scientists. As soon as more information is available, we will publish it here.

Other Support Services

Psychosocial Counseling (PSB) at the FH Aachen |  Psychosocial Counseling in German and English. More Information is available on the Psychosocial Counselling website.

Counseling at the University Chaplaincy Aachen (KHG) for Aachen Students | Intercultural Work
- Interreligious discussions
- Counseling for all life situations
Contact: Markus Reissen, Tel. 0241 4700123 

Counseling at the Catholic Student Community (KSG Jülich) for Jülich Students:
- Intercultural and interreligious discussions and events
- Counseling for all life situations
Contact: Alexander Peters (a.peters(at)ksg-juelich(dot)de) Tel. 02461 59398

Counseling and Pastoral Care at the Protestant Student Community (ESG):
Contact: Swantje Eibach-Danzeglocke
Counseling and Pastoral Care - ESG Aachen (
Counseling for International Students at the ESG: Internationale Studierende / Internationals - ESG Aachen (
Contact: Kornelia von Kaisenberg
All contacts at the ESG: Menschen in der ESG - ESG Aachen (

Information for Ukrainian refugees about studying at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Applying to Study at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

The next possible starting date at the FH Aachen is the winter semester. All the degree programs at the FH Aachen can be seen at

Almost all of our degree programs are in German. Most degree programs at the FH Aachen require proof of German language proficiency in the form of DSH-2, Test-DaF 4*4, telc Zertifikat C1 Hochschule or Goethe-Zertifikat C2. Please note that there are lower German language requirements for our English-language degree programs, as well as for the Internationally Oriented Studies (IOS) bachelor's degree programs.

Information about the application procedure, deadlines, and enrollment at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences can be found at the Registrar's Office.

Admission requirements | In addition to a university entrance qualification for studies in Germany as well as German language skills, some degree programs also require an aptitude test or an internship before studies begin. Detailed information can be found in the individual course descriptions.
You can check if your school certificates qualify you to study in Germany on the DAAD website

Transfer from a Ukrainian University | If you have already studied at a university in Ukraine and would now like to continue your studies at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, see

Academic Counseling | You can get detailed advice about your choice of degree programs at the General Academic Counselling Office of the FH Aachen

German Lessons | If you want a German course that prepares you for studying at the FH Aachen, please contact our Coordination Office for Refugees at pax(at)fh-aachen(dot)de. Please tell us if you already know some German.

Science for Ukraine

„Science for Ukraine“ is a list of assistance and job offers for students and scientists from Ukraine. More Information is available here.

Residence Permits for Refugees

According to the EU decision of March 3, 2022, all refugees from Ukraine will receive a humanitarian residence permit in Germany, which includes social benefits, in accordance with §24 of the Residence Act. This will be initially valid for one year, but may be extended for up to three years. Detailed information can be found here in several languages.

Counseling and Assistance for Refugees in Aachen

The Alliance "Aachen Helps" has the most important information for refugees, institutions and their contacts, including offers of assistance, as well as donations in and around Aachen. More information is available on the city of Aachen website.

Counseling and Assistance for Refugees in the District of Düren (Kreis Düren)

Information, offers of assistance and contacts in the District of Düren are summarized here.

Support Services on the DAAD Website

The DAAD has listed support offers from universities and partner organizations where you can find information about how to continue your studies, funding opportunities, visas and residence.