The Central Equal Opportunity Officer

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Everyone is talking about work-life balance and the compatibility of studies or work with active family tasks!

This is not just a question of how well I can take care of my children or attend to care tasks in order to study and work in a relaxed manner. | [Family-friendly FH] To a large extent, it's also about how I relate to my environment - to our FH Aachen - and find both life satisfaction and success there.

As Equal Opportunities Officer, I have a wide range of tasks pertaining to this and can, therefore, contribute a great deal to finding a well-balanced and trusting atmosphere for studying and working here. | Continue reading

You're welcome to talk to me! If you encounter problems in your work or study environment, or if you have any ideas or suggestions - I am open to everything!

We can make an appointment at any time! Or simply drop by for a visit sometime - even "just" for an exchange and getting to know each other!
Our offices are regularly open for "consultation hours" - Wednesdays 9.30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
I'm looking forward to you and a fruitful and constructive time in office!

Family at University

As a certified family-friendly university, we are committed to speaking up for a university culture that takes the needs of families into account, especially when it comes to reconciling work/studies with family tasks.  | Further Information



Female Students

Specifically for female students, FH Aachen has compiled information on free offers for further education as well as news all around studying. | Further Information


FH Aachen supports numerous projects with schoolchildren and provides information on trial offers | Further Information

Equal Opportunity Office

The team offers advice, support and information for employees and students. Moreover, the Central Equal Opportunities Officer is supported in all matters. | Contact