Mit dem Ingenieurstudium der FH Aachen zum Lehramt am Berufskolleg

Die FH Aachen ermöglicht gemeinsam mit der RWTH Aachen Studentinnen und Studenten nach dem abgeschlossenen  Bachelorstudium (Bauingenieurwesen, Elektrotechnik, Fahrzeug- und Antriebstechnik sowie Maschinenbau), den Masterstudiengang für das Lehramt am Berufskolleg an der RWTH Aachen anzuschließen. Weitere Informationen unter www.lehramt.fh-aachen.de

Girls' Day and Boys' Day 2017 at the FH Aachen

More than 200 pupils - girls and boys - participated in 18 workshops, making the Girls' Day and Boys' Day 2016 at the FH Aachen a complete success. Why does an aeroplane fly? Why does salt keep the roads clear of ice? How do you build a mini safe? How do electronics come about? There were answers to these and a lot of other questions, as well as practical trainings. Participants were able to try their hands at drilling, milling, lathing, designing, programming, building, bulldozing, testing, soldering and much more.

The next Girls' Day and Boys' Day will take place on April 27, 2017 at the FH Aachen!




Guter Studienstart im Ingenieurbereich

Du willst Ingenieurwissenschaften studieren, bist aber noch unschlüssig, ob ein Studium an der FH Aachen oder der RWTH Aachen das Richtige für Dich ist? Bist Du hin- und hergerissen zwischen Elektrotechnik, Maschinenbau, Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, Bauingenieurwesen, Mechatronik? Probier das "nullte" Semester aus! Alle Informationen zum Projekt "Guter Studienstart im Ingenieurbereich" findest Du hier.

Angebote für Dich

Broschüre: "Ich studiere Technik... und Du?

Titelcover der Mädchenbroschüre, Studentin steht vor der Morane

Do you already know what you want to become in the future? There are a lot of young women who have a real talent for natural sciences, skilled crafts and technology.

You should gain experience and gather information, learn about everyday work first-hand, ask pointed questions and get expert advice. It's important that your decision for a profession is based on your own interests, abilities and career plans.

We interviewed female students studying engineering degree programmes, we had them tell us where they are from, what drives them, what apprehensions they had and where they are going. You can find these interviews and a lot more questions and answers in our brochure "I'm an engineering student at the FH Aachen… What about you?" (In German.) (Download)

A print version can be requested at the Equal Opportunities Office.


Die Ausstellung - "Technik ist weiblich"

Titelcover der Mädchenbroschüre, Studentin steht vor der Morane

Since spring 2012, the exhibition "Technology Is Female" can be acquired free of charge by schools, interested institutions and business enterprises. The exhibition shows female engineers-to-be and their possible professional prospects. (In German.)

This way to the exhibition!