The FH Karte for Students

FH Aachen issues a multifunctional chip card (FH Karte) for all students. The FH Karte, in the convenient EC card format, serves as student ID, as a library card, as a dining hall and cafeteria pay card as well as access and participation control for university sport. Further options for use are being planned.

FH Aachen students can apply for, or cancel, their FH Karte on our online service pages.

Find a summary of all functions and requirements of the FH Karte:

In case of further queries or problems, please check the FAQ, or contact the FH Karte Service Office:

Until further notice, the FH Karte Service Offices Aachen and Jülich can only be reached by e-mail or post.

If you have any questions regarding your FH Karte, please send an e-mail to fh-karte.studierende(at)fh-aachen(dot)de or contact the Service-Desk.

Thank you for your understanding.

FH Karte Service Office Aachen
Bayernallee 11, 1st floor, Room 01018, 52066 Aachen
Tel.: +49 241 6009 51625
Email: fh-karte.aachen(at)

FH Karte Service Office Jülich
Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 1, Room 00 A 63, 52428 Jülich
Tel.: +49 241 6009 53828
Email: fh-karte.juelich(at)