When can I start using the FH Karte and what is the purpose of the activation code?

In order to use your FH Karte in its full functionality, you have to activate it in two steps:

1.    Enter the activation code from the letter you received with the FH Karte 
       under https://services.fh-aachen.de  - menu item "Card Management". 

2.    In order to activate the pay function, insert your FH Karte into a card      
       loading station in the dining halls and cafeterias of FH Aachen and 
       RWTH Aachen. After that, you can load money to the card and use it 
       for payments.

What functions does the FH Karte have?

Since its introduction in the winter semester 2013/14, the multifunctional FH Karte has been serving as a student ID card, library card and as a payment card in the dining halls, cafeterias and in all branch libraries as well as participation/access control for university sport. 

How do I get an FH Karte?

After completing re-registration or registration at FH Aachen, apply for your FH Karte under https://services.fh-aachen.de. After applying, your FH Karte will go into production and will then be sent to you by post or you will receive an email informing you when and where to pick up your card.

Do all students get their FH Karte by postal mail?

No, they don't. The FH Karte will only be sent to you by post, if you have specified a place of residence in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg. If you live outside these countries, or if you are a participant of the Freshman programme or a DSH student, your FH Karte will be available for you to pick up at the Service Point FH Karte in Aachen or Jülich, resp.

How much does the FH Karte cost?

The initial issuance of the FH Karte is free of charge.
In case of a reissuance, a fee of EUR 15 will be charged (see §2 of the FH Aachen Abgabensatzung).

Do I get a new FH Karte every semester?

No, you don't. The FH Karte will be with you throughout your studies at FH Aachen. However, due to the long validity period, in some cases you will additionally have to prove which faculty you currently belong to or that you are still registered at FH Aachen at a certain point in time. To this end, you can download registration certificates (Studienbescheinigungen) via QIS .

Do I also get an FH Karte as a cross-registered student or guest auditor?

As a cross-registered student (Zweithörer/-in), you will get an FH Karte. Instead of the designation "Studierendenausweis / Student Identity Card", it bears the special imprint "Zweithörer/-in". It has all the functions of the FH Karte.

As a guest auditor (Gasthörer/-in), you will not get an FH Karte, but a separate guest auditor card ("Gasthörerausweis") in paper form instead. As you will only be admitted for one semester at a time, your ID card must be re-issued every semester.

Where can I upload my photo for the FH Karte?

Please upload your photo, which is absolutely necessary for the issuance of the FH Karte, under https://services.fh-aachen.de directly into our ordering system.

What are the requirements for the photo?

The photo for your FH Karte should clearly show your identity at the time of application and meet the requirements of the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Office). Under https://services.fh-aachen.de only photos in JPG file format with a minimum size of 220x283 pixels or a maximum file size of 10 MB can be uploaded. The size and aspect ratio (3:4) of the photo or the cropped photo can be adjusted before uploading.

Can I change the photo on my FH Karte later?

Yes, you can upload a new photo and apply for a new FH Karte under https://services.fh-aachen.de at any time. However, please note that, in this case, a replacement card will cost EUR 15 (see §2 of the FH Aachen Abgabensatzung).

How long will my photo be stored?

Your photo will be stored for the duration of your registration at FH Aachen. After activating your FH Karte, you can upload a new photo of yourself under https://services.fh-aachen.de. You can withdraw your consent to use the photo on the FH Karte by deleting the photo. This automatically withdraws your consent to use the photo for FH Aachen online services.

Released photos are required for the history function and can no longer be deleted. These photos will be deleted automatically upon deregistration.

How do I use the payment function of the FH Karte?

With the electronic wallet of the FH Karte, you can pay easily, anonymously and without cash in the dining halls and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk Aachen and in all the branch libraries. To this end, load the wallet of the FH Karte with money. You can do this at one of the card loading stations in the dining halls and cafeterias of FH Aachen or RWTH Aachen University. Subsequently, you present your FH Karte for payment and the corresponding amount is automatically deducted from the credit balance of your FH Karte.

What do I have to do to use my FH Karte as a library card?

When applying for your FH Karte under https://services.fh-aachen.de , you must agree to the usage regulations of the FH Aachen Library. Your library account will be set up automatically and you will then be able to use your FH Karte to borrow media from all FH Aachen branch libraries, extend loan periods, use the printing station, PCs as well as the library electronic services, and pay your library fees without cash. Authentication is carried out via the library number or the barcode on the back of the FH Karte (barcode or entry of the number).

Can I use the library before receiving the FH Karte?

In order to be able to use the complete service of the library even before receiving the FH Karte, you must print out your temporary library card yourself after applying for the FH Karte. For this, go to  https://services.fh-aachen.de.

Please note that the temporary library card is only valid for a limited period of time and is automatically blocked 4 weeks after the FH Karte has been dispatched. If you have not activated your FH Karte by then, functions such as borrowing and returning media, extending loan periods, using printing stations, PCs and the library's electronic services will no longer be available to you.

Can I also use the FH Karte as a Semesterticket?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You will receive your Semesterticket as a separate eTicket by postal mail directly from ASEAG.

Is the FH Karte mandatory for all students?

No, it isn't. Application for and use of the FH Karte is voluntary. If you do not wish to use the FH Karte, you have the option of applying for a separate library card (without chip and photo) or not having either card issued. For this, go to https://services.fh-aachen.de . In order to then identify yourself as a student of FH Aachen, please present a current registration certificate (Studienbescheinigung, available via  QIS) along with an official photo ID (e.g. identity card/passport).

Can I choose whether or not my FH Karte contains a chip or photo?

No, you can't. The FH Karte will only be issued with chip and photo. However, the issuance of the FH Karte is voluntary, i.e. you can decide not to issue the FH Karte and instead apply for a separate library card (without chip and picture). To do this, go to https://services.fh-aachen.de. In this case, however, the card's ID and payment functions are not available to you.

I have lost my FH Karte. How do I get a new one?

If your FH Karte is lost or stolen, please block it at https://services.fh-aachen.de. Blocking your FH Karte is free of charge. However, please note that for security reasons once a FH Karte has been blocked, it cannot be unblocked again. After blocking, you can apply for a replacement card via the Services page as well. A fee of EUR 15 will be charged for reissuance (see §2 of the FH Aachen Abgabensatzung).

My name has changed. How can I change my FH Karte accordingly?

Please notify the Registrar's Office of FH Aachen of the name change and apply for the reissuance of your FH Karte under https://services.fh-aachen.de. A fee of EUR 15 will be charged for reissuance (see §2 of the FH Aachen Abgabensatzung).

My name is misspelt on the FH Karte. How do I get a new card?

Please contact the Registrar's Office regarding the correction of your name. Subsequently, you can apply for the reissuance of your FH Karte under https://services.fh-aachen.de. Please note that, in case of a name correction, a replacement card will cost EUR 15 (see §2 of the FH Aachen Abgabensatzung).

Whom can I contact if I have any questions about the FH Karte?

If you have general questions about the FH Karte or if you have lost your card or would like to request a change to your data or an exchange of your photo, please contact the FH Karte Service Points - in Aachen or Jülich, depending on where you are studying.

Service Point FH Karte Aachen
Bayernallee 11, 1st floor, Room 01018, 52066 Aachen
Phone.: +49 241 6009 51625
Email: fh-karte.aachen(at)fh-aachen.de
Opening Hours Service Point FH Karte Aachen:
Tuesdays  10.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.
Thursdays 10.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.

Service Point FH Karte Jülich
Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 1, Room 00 A 63, 52428 Jülich
Phone: +49 241 6009 53828
Email: fh-karte.juelich(at)fh-aachen.de
Opening Hours Service Point FH Karte Jülich:
Wednesdays 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding the payment function of the FH Karte, the Studierendenwerk's Aachen Service Point will be happy to help you:

Infopoint of the Studierendenwerk Aachen
Foyer Mensa Academica
Pontwall 3, 52062 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 80 93 200
Email: infopoint(at)stw.rwth-aachen.de

How can I use the FH Karte for participation control in university sports?

The FH Karte can also be used for participation/access control in university sport, provided that the card number (library number) of the FH Karte has been registered with the RWTH Hochschulsportzentrum. Information on registration can be received from the University Sports Service Point.

We recommend that you choose a secure password for library services before sharing your library number with third parties: The password should have at least ten characters (max. 12) and contain numbers, special characters as well as upper and lower case letters.

Can I change the display language of the Services page?

In order to improve the user-friendliness of our Services page, you can set English as your preferred language. Please click on English in the top right corner of the Services page and you will automatically get the displayed content as well as future FH Aachen notifications about the Services page in English.