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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The arrival period typically starts in early October. New student orientation and classes start one week later. See Coming to Germany for detailed arrival information.

The Freshman year is divided into two 18-week semesters.  Students attend lectures approximately 36 hours per week.

The Christmas or winter break is from 24 December to 2 January.

The Easter break is one week long.

Several one-day trips will be offered.

During the remaining weeks students prepare for and take midterm and final exams.

Final exams in German Track and the English Track FEP are in July.
Final exams in the English to German Track are in late August.

The last date to move out of the room on the Geilenkirchen campus is 31 August.

Classes and Internship/Practical Workshop Training


See What Can You Study? Fields of Study for more information.


Classes in the German Track

T-Course   W-Course   M-Course
Engineering   Business & Economics   Medicine
__________________   __________________   __________________
German   German   German
Math   Math   Biology
Physics   Business & Economics   Physics
Chemistry   English   Chemistry

Classes in the English Track FEP

T-Course   W-Course
Engineering   Business & Economics
__________________   __________________
Math   Math
Physics   Business & Economics
English   English
German   German

Classes in the English to German Track

Engineering   Fine Arts & Design
__________________   __________________
Language   German
Math   Fine Arts & Design
Physics   Portfolio

Additional courses offered include individual tutoring or intercultural training, etc.