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Welcome to the online application portal to the Freshman program.

All applicants must take the entrance exam or TestAS in order to be considered for the Freshman program. You can register for an entrance exam below.

See Entrance Exams for sample exams, requirements for the online exams and exam dates.

See What Can You Study? Fields of Study for study options.

Use this English application form for
     - English Track FEP
     - English to German.

Use the German application form (click "deutsch" at the top right of the page) for
     - German Track

The Freshman program is for students who are between the ages of 17 and 22 on 1 October of the Freshman year and who have completed high school but as a general rule have not yet attended university.

Online Seminars: What is the Freshman Program?

If you want to know more about the Freshman Institute, the study options offered and details about the application process, join one of our online seminars.

All online seminars are in English. Other languages are available upon request.

Date   Time (Berlin Time)  
October 2022   date and time wil be posted when available  
more seminars are planned      


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Before you start with the online application form, read the following

Before you start with the online application form, read the following


Select an entrance exam date.

Prepare your documents.
Documents may be up to 2 MB, but smaller documents are preferred.  Uploading large documents may be very slow, depending upon your internet speed.


  1. Passport, ID card or birth certificate (preferably in English) (pdf only)
  2. Photo (png or jpg only)
  3. Most recent school certificate or interim certificate (pdf only)
  4. Transcript from the past two years of school (pdf only)


  1. TestAS
  2. German language certificate
  3. English language certificate
  4. Other certificates