Partner Universities

There are currently five accredited universities associated with the Freshman program.

    •    FH Aachen
    •    Universität Duisburg-Essen
    •    SRH Hamm*
    •    HBK Essen*
    •    FH Südwestfalen

In addition there are several other universities that accept students from the Freshman program.  Some programs have a limited number of available spaces (nc=Numerus clausus), so we cannot guarantee a specific university.  However, the Freshman Institute guarantees that everyone who successfully completes the Freshman program will be able to study at a university in Germany.

∗ Special Information about the SRH Hochschule Hamm and HBK Essen:   Additional tuition fees are required after the Freshman year. For more information, see the university website links above.

See Fields of Study for the programs at each university.